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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Upwell Consortium Hails Capsuleer Research Effort as Citadel Prototype Construction Resumes

    FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle provided an update on the Upwell Consortium prototype citadel construction project in a short briefing today. Hailing the efforts of capsuleers supplying rare and sophisticated research components for Upwell's Astrahus -class citadel construction project, Lee Brinalle noted that already she had received enough components to guarantee Astrahus BPCs for two lucky winners in the draw that Upwell will be holding. "I want to thank and commend our [...]

    Upwell Claims Serpentis Sabotage while Responding to Capsuleer Attacks on Citadel Construction Sites

      FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Responding to the destruction of prototype citadel construction sites by various capsuleer attackers yesterday, Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle held a press conference this afternoon on behalf of the Upwell Consortium, during which she cited evidence of Serpentis sabotage of the sites' defenses. Speaking from the Intaki Bank Depository in FD-MLJ, Lee Brinalle's statement covered a number of points, including the probable cause of the vulnerability of the construction sites [...]

      Upwell Consortium Citadel Construction Project Begins Amidst Promotional Extravaganza

        OURAPHEH - The Upwell Consortium's Citadel product line takes another major stride forward today, as the space industrial giant launches its prototype construction project in five systems of New Eden. In a combined promotional and resources acquisition effort, Upwell are calling on capsuleers, their anticipated primary market, to assist in the collection of research components for use in the construction of the five Astrahus -class citadel prototypes. At a launch event in Ourapheh, held aboard his [...]

        Upwell Consortium Signs Transport and Communications Deals with Interbus and Impetus

          X-BV98 - At a press conference held amidst tight security at the Intaki Bank head offices in Syndicate today, representatives of the Upwell Consortium, InterBus and the Impetus corporation announced the signing of comprehensive contracts for transportation and communications technology and services to be provided as part of the Upwell Consortium's Citadel product line. While the deal with Impetus comes as little surprise given that the Gallente entertainment and communications concern is known to have [...]

          Serpentis Fall Back After Failed Assault On Mining Platform

            AN-G54 - The Serpentis Corporation appears to be in full retreat after a failed assault on Outer Ring Excavation's largest mobile mining and refining platform resulted in heavy losses for their fleet early yesterday morning. Reports are now beginning to emerge after the removal of a communications blackout that saw the parts of the constellation of Regalia in Outer Ring locked down by Mordu's Legion Command forces contracted by the Upwell Consortium. The fortification and lockdown of several systems [...]