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Imperial mining outfit posts first quarter slump in profit

  • YC116-03-31

    LADDIAHA - Ducia Foundry has posted its first downturn in profit for almost half a decade, in the wake of increased activity by independently managed mining corporations across Imperial border regions, a shareholder report confirmed this morning. The corporation, best known for its risky and aggressive prospecting and resource harvesting strategies, has attributed this reduction in profit to both increased output from capsuleer-led industrial organization and higher levels of pirate activity Derelik [...]

    Caldari Prime administrators unveil Operation Highlander monument

    • YC116-03-22

      LUMINAIRE - Arcurio stood silent this evening as administration staff from Material Acquisition and the Ishukone Corporation unveiled a monument honoring lives lost one year ago today. The structure, a 120 meter long, 6 meter high section of titanium diborite armor plating from the hull of the Leviathan class titan CN Shiigeru, standing on a solid base carved from granite sourced from the Kaalakiota mountain range - resides in District 24 of the city, the area in which former Caldari Navy Admiral [...]

      Ishukone meets with Gallente Senate on Caldari Prime

      • YC116-03-20

        LUMINAIRE - Media outlets across the State were thrown into a frenzy of activity this morning after it was revealed that the Ishukone Corporation's administrative directorate on Caldari Prime have initiated private talks with the Gallente Senate. Originally reported by the chief Caldari Prime correspondent for Nugoeihuvi, the revelation came after a convoy of Ishukone branded transports arrived in central Arcurio this morning, flanked by an armed escort of Mordu's Legion's 31st Armored Division [...]

        Boundless Creations reveals technological breakthrough

        • YC116-03-15

          HAGILUR - Rumors of a significant breakthrough in gravity well generation technology were confirmed by Boundless Creations earlier today, after leaked holo recordings that showed prototype hardware were received by The Scope yesterday evening. The footage shows testing of the most compact gravity well generator ever built, according to a press release made by Dr. Bogekur Alpur, Chief Researcher for Boundless Creations, earlier this afternoon. Dr. Alpur refrained from giving specific details relating [...]

          Body of disgraced Caldari Navy officer found on Caldari Prime

          • YC116-03-06

            LUMINAIRE - Mordu's Legion Command confirmed this afternoon that the body of former Caldari Navy officer Sami Okuuda has been found in Kairiola Park, central Tovil, on Caldari Prime. A public relations officer for the independent mercenary contracting corporation, which was drafted in to provide security for the contested planet after it was declared a DMZ in April YC115 stated that "Mr Okuuda was found at approximately 13:00 hours this afternoon, seated at a public rest area beside Lake Osara in [...]