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Stellar Anomaly Detected By Capsuleers; Scientists Baffled By Superluminal Effects

  • YC116-11-27

    NEW EDEN - Scientists have confessed to being at a loss to explain an apparently superluminal cosmic phenomenon, following the detection of a new and growing stellar anomaly by capsuleer stargazers shortly after 18:00 EVE Standard Time yesterday. Prompted by the observations of noted capsuleer space photographer Caroline Grace, several capsuleers last night detected an apparent "new star" in the local star field and immediately began efforts to triangulate its location. It was quickly realized that [...]

    Directive Enforcement Department: "Unusual Nation Activity In Oasa"

    • YC116-11-25

      BREAKING NEWS - CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department has released a revised security alert for CZ-06R, a constellation in the outer region of Oasa. In the update, issued during the last hour, the DED cited "unusual and unexplained activity of Sansha's Nation incursion forces" as the cause for the revised alert. A number of independent security forces have reported that earlier this week a large scale incursion of Nation's True Power division emerged in the CZ-06R constellation. They further [...]

      Gallente Federal Elections Commission Sets Presidential Election Date

      • YC116-11-16

        VILLORE - The Gallente Federal Elections Commission has announced that the Federation presidential election will be held on the 29th of January YC117. The inauguration of the Federation President will take place on the 26th of February. The announcement from the Federal Elections Commission follows a legislative request from the Federal Senate to regularize the timetable for federal elections. The extraordinary presidential election held in YC111, following the ouster of former President Souro [...]

        Eifyr & Co respond to Tukoss messaging

        • YC116-11-07

          ELGOI - In a statement made this morning, Eifyr & Co have made an official response to the apparent reappearance of missing scientist Dr. Hilen Tukoss. Tukoss was registered as a missing person with the Republic Security Services more than two years ago, after vanishing during the initial setup stages of the Arek'Jalaan project. Former Program Director at the Otosela Neuropsychology Center for Zainou Biotech, Tukoss defected to the Minmatar Republic in YC113 and claimed political asylum before joining [...]