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Operation Highlander document goes missing

  • YC115-08-30

    _Villore - _The Senate is in an uproar following reports a sensitive document relating to Operation Highlander, the codename of the operation to assault Caldari Prime, has gone missing. The document, a dossier on the planning, assessment, and post-action review, apparently contained sensitive intelligence information on other factions, including the other three empires. The dossier had been compiled for a Senatorial oversight review of Operation Highlander, which was completed several months ago. The [...]

    Caldari Constructions share prices rise on reports of economic recovery

    • YC115-08-28

      Piak - Caldari Constructions stock saw an uptick following reports that it has broken even on operations for the first time in four years. The corporation had been posting small losses under the executorship of Tibus Heth which, while not as significant as those of Kaalakiota Corporation, had still put stress on the company. Following the report, Caldari Constructions also released a statement saying it has completed the nullification of Tibus Heth's stake in the company and will begin a public [...]

      Aritcio Kor-Azor urges calm; Republic denounces 'imperial aggression'

      • YC115-08-22

        _Kor-Azor Prime - _In the first public statement made by a member of the Privy Council since news broke about Merimeth Sarum's proposal to relaunch the Reclaiming, Aritcio Kor-Azor preached a calm and measured approach. "We must not rush hastily into an escalation of war," the Heir and Imperial Chancellor said to reporters with the Amarr Certified News. "The Empyrean War has already taken a heavy toll on the Bleak Lands and Devoid. We must be cautious if we do not want to bring it to the borders of [...]

        Report: Tash-Murkon may back Sarum's calls

        • YC115-08-20

          _Tash-Murkon Prime - _Sources within the Tash-Murkon Family say Catiz Tash-Murkon has given some thought to backing Merimeth Sarum's calls for the proper launch of the Reclaiming. The Heir has reportedly been conferring with the Empress for several days, discussing the economic and political impact the Reclaiming would have on the Empire, for both good and ill. Additionally, Catiz has met with several Imperial Navy admirals to hear their opinions on the Empyrean War and potential renewed escalation. [...]

          KK stock rises on back of Oiritsuu pledge

          • YC115-08-15

            _Nonni - _Acting Kaalakiota CEO Hatakaan Oiritsuu has pledged 40% of her personal wealth to the corporation in order to assist in its financial recovery, as well as presented a five-year corporate strategy to the board of directors which aims to restore Kaalakiota to the top of the State financial world. KK issued a press release stating Oiritsuu has provided the corporation with a no-interest loan with aims to stabilize its financial reserves and allow it to be aggressive in reclaiming market share [...]

            Report: Sarum Family Heir recommends assault on Republic

            • YC115-08-14

              _Sarum Prime - _According to reports from the imperial court, Merimeth Sarum has been urging Empress Jamyl I to fully reinstitute the Reclaiming as originally promised in her coronation address and begin an immediate assault on the Minmatar Republic. The Heir has also pushed for the Imperial Navy to receive more funding to bolster the fleet's forces. Sarum has been telling subordinates that the Republic is experiencing heightened tribal unity following its successful Tribal Assembly, which makes it a [...]

              Minmatar call for release of imprisoned Brutor student

              • YC115-08-11

                Synchelle - Numerous Minmatar activists groups have petitioned the Federation government to release the Brutor man imprisoned following the deaths of three Gallente men last week in Synchelle. The man, now identified as Kinhar Elokur, a Republic citizen and student with the University of Caille, reportedly killed the three men in self-defense after he was attacked in retaliation for the Bloody Hands of Matar torching of an Impetus distribution center. A protest outside the facility where Elokur is [...]

                Federation Minmatar report widespread discrimination

                • YC115-08-09

                  _Luminaire - _Recently, many ethnic Minmatar have claimed that the wave of retributive violence against them throughout the Gallente Federation is a culmination of long-standing prejudice. These statements have elicited concern from both the Republic and Federation governments, who have both pledged to investigate. "The discrimination is all over the place," said Rogus Thrake, a Nefantar originally from the Ammatar Mandate. "Getting ahead in the Federation is difficult. When I came here, I thought [...]

                  Atlanins distribution center attack sparks unrest in Essence; 59 detained

                  • YC115-08-02

                    SYNCHELLE - A number of arrests were made this morning in the Thoulde constellation of Essence, after a series of overnight disturbances in one of the largest settlements on Synchelle III. Several small scale protests have erupted across the Federation over the course of the last few days after the Bloody Hands of Matar claimed responsibility for an attack on an Impetus distribution center in Atlanins last Thursday which left 7 dead and 13 injured. The most prominent of the arrests made was that of an [...]