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CEP refutes Operation Highlander leak

  • YC115-10-30

    _New Caldari - _The Chief Executive Panel has released a joint statement on behalf of all CEOs of the megacorporations refuting the portion of the Operation Highlander dossier leaked by the Scope last week. "The megacorporations of the Caldari State completely deny that any executives worked with the Gallente Federation in bringing about the downfall of Tibus Heth or the invasion of Caldari Prime," their statement said. Additionally, the CEP has demanded the Federation hand over a full list of [...]

    “Operation Highlander” documents released, implicate Federation in widespread spying

    • YC115-10-24

      Orvolle - The Scope has obtained and released a portion of the Senate report on Operation Highlander. According to the dossier, the Federation has had operatives infiltrating the Caldari State since the outbreak of the Empyrean War in YC110. This includes numerous operatives engaged in long-term, deep-cover operations within all eight Caldari megacorporations. The released information claims several high-level megacorp executives had been compromised by intelligence operatives, contributing to the [...]

      Conservative Senator calls Republic “untrustworthy”

      • YC115-10-22

        _Jel - _In a speech delivered to constituents in his home system, Senator Artois Chermoul claimed the Minmatar Republic has been guilty of "spreading discontent within the Federation". In the middle of a speech about Federal trade policies, the former colonel with the Federal Marines went on to call the Republic "untrustworthy" and a "security threat". "We have seen the Republic engage in increasingly belligerent behavior," Chermoul said. "In response to minor incidents within the Federation, the [...]

        Elokur found “not guilty”, small-scale riots erupt

        • YC115-10-18

          Synchelle - Kihar Elokur, the Brutor student accused of killing three Gallente men, has been found not guilty by reason of self-defense. The verdict sparked several instances of violence between supporters of Elokur and an increasingly vocal Gallente-nationalist movement. Elokur was arrested in early August after killing three Gallente men who attacked him in what was believed to be a racially-motivated assault. Elokur killed all three of his attackers, raising questions over his use of force and [...]

          REPORT: Wreckage of Heth’s escort found in Aivonen

          • YC115-10-18

            _Aivonen - _The Caldari Navy has recovered the wreckage of the fugitive fleet believed to have been escorting Tibus Heth in Aivonen early this morning. The wrecks were devoid of bodies despite numerous unused escape pods and signs of a prolonged struggle and firefight. According to the Navy's report, it appears the ships were attacked with energy weapons and boarded. What happened after that is unknown, as the ship computers were destroyed by an EM pulse which appears to have been powerful and [...]

            Material Acquisition announces plans to open several new facilities

            • YC115-10-13

              ELORE - Material Acquisition has revealed that its administration of Gallente-districts on Caldari Prime have proven highly profitable, enabling it to open several new facilities throughout the Crux constellation. These facilities are expected to bring millions of jobs to the Gallente economy. According to the report, the majority of the profit has come from tariffs levied on inter-district trade and travel, with lesser amounts coming from administrative fees and rebuilding contracts. The corporation [...]

              BREAKING NEWS: Heth’s ship spotted in Black Rise

              • YC115-10-10

                Okagaiken - Ships whose transponder callsigns match those of Tibus Heth and other Provist loyalists who'd escaped the Haatomo siege were detected in the Okagaiken system of Black Rise's Urpiken constellation. the Caldari Navy has reported. The Navy immediately scrambled a task force to intercept Heth's ship, but they were unable to locate any trace of it after a 24-hour search. The Navy has deployed further forces to Urpiken in an effort to track down Heth, but Federal Defence Union occupation of [...]

                Minmatar react to Senate report; call for Elokur's freedom

                • YC115-10-09

                  _Villore - _Many Minmatar immigrants have harshly criticized the report commissioned by the Senate Committee for Equal Rights, after the report claimed there was no evidence for systemic discrimination of Minmatar in the Federation. The report has also energized defenders of Brutor student Kinhar Elokur, who has been imprisoned since August 1st for the deaths of three Gallente men. Led by Senator Asbran Eleskar, the opponents of the report have claimed it is misleading and cherry picks statistics that [...]

                  Sisters of EVE temporarily promote two agents

                  • YC115-10-09

                    X-7OMU - The Sisters of EVE are temporarily raising the security clearance of two of their agents in response to increased capsuleer demand for high-stakes tasks. Mekamireki Fedas in Apanake and Kiljavas Yaskasen in Lanngisi are being raised from their current "level two" clearance to "level four". These two agents are also being moved from their current Distribution division to Security. "Both Mekamireki and Kiljavas are exceptional agents," said Chief of Staff Titrutolf Haluarin. "They have proven [...]