New Eden News

The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Guristas assault Vellaine III, abscond with ground combatants

  • YC115-01-30

    Vellaine - The Guristas Pirates made a raid on Vellaine III last evening, apparently interjecting themselves in the middle of ground fighting between Caldari ground forces and an unidentified group of combatants. The Guristas managed to organize an extract of large numbers of the combatants via a Rhea-class jump freighter despite losing several ships in the attempt. The Guristas arrived in Vellaine roughly around 20:00 under the command of Guristas commander Ohminen Sin, where they made contact with [...]

    Massive military mobilization in Caldari State

    • YC115-01-28

      The sudden mobilization of military assets across the Caldari State has apparently taken megacorp and security officials across the cluster by surprise today. The exact disposition of these forces are unknown, though none appear to be taking any overtly hostile action toward the other empires of New Eden. In roughly over the course of one hour, between 13:00 and 14:00 EST, fleets from the Caldari Navy and State Protectorate massed in numerous Caldari controlled systems while ground troops belonging to [...]

      Ground Fighting Intensifies across New Eden as powerful troopers emerge

      • YC115-01-22

        Large scale ground fighting, once restricted mainly to limited engagements in contested territories, has recently spread out from its former battlegrounds into new areas of engagement. Additionally, while such ground battles were typically limited in scope, fighting across New Eden has bloomed into large scale engagements as swarms of new, highly trained and heavily equipped soldiers are filling battlefields. Public knowledge of these engagements has been increasing since early last week, when combat [...]

        Slave Repatriation Convoy Breaches Ammatar Border

        • YC115-01-16

          DOMAIN - Yesterday evening a large convoy escorted by armed capsuleer forces crossed the border from the Minmatar Republic to Ammatar Mandate with the purpose of liberating slaves. While initially reluctant to release further information, the Ammatar Fleet has confirmed that nine Fenrir class freighters belonging to Freedom Extension -- the Minmatar Republic's largest commercial logistics corporation -- breached the Ammatar border through the system of Jark, disguised as a civilian convoy. Accompanied [...]

          Introduction of wormhole-derived components has unintended side effects for capsuleers

          • YC115-01-02

            Yulai - CONCORD has released the results of an extended study on the effects of recent introduction of capsule components derived from wormhole salvage on the interface between capsuleer and ship. The study, initiated in secrecy early in the year after reports of increasing mental instability in certain capsuleers, has revealed shocking information that is leading CONCORD to refine security measures for pod pilots who wish to eject from their ships. "The findings are quite explicit in their [...]