Massive military mobilization in Caldari State

New Eden News | YC115-01-28

The sudden mobilization of military assets across the Caldari State has apparently taken megacorp and security officials across the cluster by surprise today. The exact disposition of these forces are unknown, though none appear to be taking any overtly hostile action toward the other empires of New Eden.

In roughly over the course of one hour, between 13:00 and 14:00 EST, fleets from the Caldari Navy and State Protectorate massed in numerous Caldari controlled systems while ground troops belonging to the Caldari Providence Directorate and Caldari Marines were reportedly deployed across dozens of temperate planets within the State and its controlled territories. Unconfirmed reports of planetary bombardment were also widespread, though none could be verified as of press time.

While the Caldari Navy has issued a broad restriction against approaching, preventing visual confirmation of their presence, long range scans have confirmed that the fleets remain in close proximity to the planets. Several ships which ignored the warnings ceased communications shortly after and their whereabouts have yet to be confirmed. Long range scans and telescopes additionally confirm large, intermittent explosions consistent with extensive ground fighting, but further details are currently impossible to come by.

The Gallente Federation went on high alert roughly five minutes after the first Caldari fleets were mobilized, though there have been no reported Tripwire breaches as of press time. The Federation Navy also issued a terse statement, vowing, "Any breaches of sovereign Federation space will be met with immediate retaliation." Several of the Federation's Titan wings have reportedly been onlined and prepped for immediate deployment across the Federation's cynosural network.

In response, the Amarr Navy and Minmatar Navies have also gone on to heightened alert schedules, though neither has mobilized to the degree of the Federation or Caldari.

Security experts are baffled by the sudden mobilization, which on the surface resembles that of the One Day War on June 6 YC110. "The Caldari appear to be targeting their own systems and planets," said Scope security analyst Piel Bursch. "While we cannot be certain, our initial analysis indicates this may be a targeted strike aimed at preventing a coup or civil insurrection. However, we cannot make a firm statement until more information comes to light."

Ishukone, Lai Dai, and Nugoeihuvi have all issued statements denying knowledge of any military activity or any sort of unrest in their corporate districts, while the other megacorps have remained silent on the matter.