Slave Repatriation Convoy Breaches Ammatar Border

New Eden News | YC115-01-16

DOMAIN - Yesterday evening a large convoy escorted by armed capsuleer forces crossed the border from the Minmatar Republic to Ammatar Mandate with the purpose of liberating slaves.

While initially reluctant to release further information, the Ammatar Fleet has confirmed that nine Fenrir class freighters belonging to Freedom Extension -- the Minmatar Republic's largest commercial logistics corporation -- breached the Ammatar border through the system of Jark, disguised as a civilian convoy.

Accompanied by an armed escort of Electus Matari vessels, the convoy then crossed back into the Republic after docking in the Ammatar system of Sasta, two jumps from the border. It is believed at this time that the convoy took on an estimated 1.325 million slaves before handing them back to a representative of Electus Matari after safe transport back into the Republic.

In an address to the interstellar press, a spokeswoman for the Ardishapur Family stated outright that "this kind of barbaric behavior and lack of political etiquette is typical from the Republic, and shows a blatant lack of respect for the Ammatar authorities." She continued, adding that "border forces protecting the Mandate from the threat of Republic incursion will be bolstered, and any attempt at breach of sovereignty from here onwards will be met with application of full lethal force."

The press offices for both Freedom Extension and the Republic Parliament remain unavailable for comment, with rumor from sources within the Republic Government indicating that Sanmatar Shakor himself has expressed his jubilation at the outcome of the operation.