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Angel Cartel executes second planetary strike in two days

  • YC114-09-28

    MOLDEN HEATH - The Angel Cartel this afternoon conducted a large-scale attack on a Minmatar planet for the second time in as many days. The attack took place in the Bogelek system, and like its predecessor it centered on a Genesis Vault cluster, an interconnected series of biodomes used by the Minmatar for plant life reconstruction and research. The vault cluster in question was the largest of the clusters remaining since yesterday's attack, which all but destroyed the facilities on Oddelulf III, [...]

    Angel Cartel conduct planetary attack in Oddelulf, hundreds dead

    • YC114-09-28

      MOLDEN HEATH - Just over an hour ago, a fleet of ships belonging to the Angel Cartel conducted a multi-pronged attack and invasion on the settlement of Tialdshad on the planet Oddelulf III. The exact death toll is unknown at this time but confirmed to be in the hundreds, with just over a thousand people injured in the attack. The Cartel force, numbering over 60 starships and several landing parties, focused their attention on a cluster of Genesis Vaults, giant biodomes containing a wide variety of [...]