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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.


  • YC114-11-30

    Tibus Heth, Executor of the Caldari State, has been shot by an unknown assailant at a Provist political rally in the major metropolis of Okushin on New Caldari Prime. The attack, which took place shortly after noon today, caused widespread panic among the assembled crowd of roughly 12,000, necessitating Provist interventionary measures that at last count have left three dead and approximately 200 injured. Martial law has been declared in the greater Okushin area, with planetwide security measures [...]

    Surprise Serpentis Attack Devastates Evaulon VII

    • YC114-11-30

      Placid - The city of Rilnais lies in ruin this morning after a surprise attack by the Serpentis Corporation late last night. Close to the equator of Evaulon VII, the city was well known in the Federation for its astonishing growth over the last two decades, due to its close proximity to a highly profitable agricultural installation owned and operated by Combined Harvest. Serpentis and Guardian Angel forces, along with a contingent of Capsuleers from known Serpentis loyalist organization the Coreli [...]

      Blood Raider Scouts Destroyed by Capsuleers

      • YC114-11-09

        The Bleak Lands - A Blood Raiders scouting force was destroyed late last night in Oyonata, after leading capsuleers on a multi-system chase through portions of Domain and the Bleak Lands. The scouting force, which consisted of two Ashimmu-class cruisers, apparently began their journey early in the day in Delve, which the Blood Raiders call home, and slowly made their way to Niarja in Domain. Upon arrival, the two began receiving intelligence from spies which had infiltrated inhabited planets and [...]

        Serpentis heist foiled by capsule pilots in Evaulon

        • YC114-11-02

          PLACID REGION - Early last night, distorted distress calls began filtering out from the severely damaged city of Rilnais on Evaulon VII. Rilnais's inhabitants had been locked in their homes for over 24 hours due to a poisonous gas cloud emanating from silos on the outskirts of the city which had been damaged in a ground troop attack of unknown origin or motive the day before. The calls, picked up by capsuleers on several comms frequencies, warned of the presence of the criminal organization Serpentis, [...]