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Corporate Defection Causing Unrest at Border

  • YC109-02-27

    CALDARI BORDER - A surprise announcement by prominent Caldari State scientist Hirento Autinen has seen simmering tensions between the faction and their Gallente Federation counterparts rise to boiling point. Autinen shocked authorities with his plan to leave Kaalakiota for the new pastures of Chemal Tech, which would be a sickening blow for the Caldari company and state combined. During his leaving statement Autinen added fuel to the fire with several acerbic remarks about his former employer – [...]

    Updated: Repeated attempts made on the life of Mind Clash Champion.

    • YC109-02-25

      LUMINAIRE. Already rising tensions between Caldari Steel and Roden Shipyards approached a critical point last Thursday as two separate attempts were made on the life of Mind Clash Champion Joelyn Donalokos, whose saving grace was a fully upgraded clone. After surviving the attacks, Donalokos managed to reach his destination of Caldari Prime, where he stated he would continue despite the events, and defend his title in this year’s tournament. It is understood that the corporation Raddick Explorations [...]

      House Miyan agrees formal surrender to House Darabi

      • YC109-02-24

        JATARI - The formal surrender of House Miyan to House Darabi has been finalized a short while after House Miyan forces were defeated by a House Darabi fleet lead by Colonel Faibdash in the Fensi system. Despite reinforcements arriving on both sides, House Darabi held the Fensi system, and forced Holder Touraj Miyan to surrender to the attacking forces. In order to stop further bloodshed between the two houses, Touraj Miyan surrendered, despite the objections of the leader of his forces, Commodore [...]

        Recent developments regarding Medusa virus.

        • YC109-02-22

          PLACID. New perspectives and incidents have come to light following the release a fortnight ago of a lethal virus, responsible for the deaths of many aboard a station in Stacmon. Involved parties such as the Star Fraction have sought to clear their name after becoming embroiled in controversy surrounding their destruction of a Sisters of Eve escort seeking to limit the damage caused. At the same time, new information has surfaced about the nature of the virus and potential cures. Widely known for [...]

          Nine killed and dozens arrested in Dober Harn riots, protests increasing in frequency Republic-wide

          • YC109-02-21

            A bloody riot erupted yesterday evening at what was to be a peaceful rally in Gelfiven V metropolis Dober Harn. Hundreds of people had gathered at Liorren Square, the city’s most populous locale, to protest the Republic Parliament’s actions in recent weeks and the rule of Prime Minister Karin Midular. According to anonymous witnesses police cordoned off the area early on, an act which led to “a growing wave of dissonance” within the assembled crowd. A quarter of an hour into the proceedings, a [...]

            Republic claims responsibility for rebel leader's death

            • YC109-02-09

              An official source from within the Minmatar Republic has said that the clearance for the February 1 death of splinter group leader Karishal Muritor came from the top level of Republic government. “The order for the operation was given by Prime Minister Karin Midular’s war cabinet and carried out by an Admiral of the Republic Fleet,” said the source at a press conference in Renyn yesterday afternoon. “We had determined through an extensive campaign of intelligence-gathering operations ... that Karishal [...]