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Serpentis Forces Continue Annexation of Outer Ring

  • YC108-02-24

    As recently reported on GalNet, the Serpentis Corporation has announced plans to take a controlling interest in the Outer Ring Excavations corporation, a move that has surprised the business world and put even the common citizens of the Federation on edge. “I live in a quiet city on a quiet planet,” said one woman, “but even here you can see those boosters on the street corners. It's filthy and wrong, and the idea of those people getting its hands on even more poor people is just wrong. The police [...]

    Sharhelund disaster caused by freak accident

    • YC108-02-21

      The investigation into the crash on Sharhelund III has made its conclusions public earlier today. The release of the deadly plague virus on Sharhelund III was caused by a crash between a battleship carrying the virus and a shuttle in orbit of the planet. Obbet Rember from the Republic Justice Department states that the Restless Spirit was a rebuild battleship and that this played a large part in the “freak” accident. The accident was caused by an orbital shuttle which, due to navigational error [...]

      Reschard V Relief Convoy Destroyed

      • YC108-02-16

        Late Wednesday evening a relief convoy comprised of heavy cargo vessels of The Servant Sisters of EVE, en route to the Reschard disaster, was destroyed by a powersurge after surviving an attack by IRON. Earlier that evening another freighter had technical diffeculties which prevented it from joining the transport according to the Sisters. The accident has claimed the lives of thousand of staff, the life of one Sister pilot and leaves another sister unconscious. The Freighter convoy which departed from [...]

        DED Urges Pod Pilot Help Decyphering Message

        • YC108-02-14

          Following the recent increase in the activities of the Serpentis Corporation, the DED has been keeping records of comm transmissions originating from the Phoenix constellation, marking high priority messages and attempting to decrypt them for valuable intelligence. So far, the DED has had marginal success, receiving several routine shipment orders and a few personal communications to loved ones. Today, the DED released the following transmission originating from the headquarters of the Serpentis [...]

          Planet-wide explosion strikes Reschard V

          • YC108-02-09

            PLACID. A planet-wide explosion devastated the surface of Reschard V earlier this morning. The source of the explosion is for the moment unknown. A preliminary CONCORD report mentions system-wide scanners picking up the signature of a Capital-class sized vessel in low orbit over Reschard V in the minutes prior to the explosion; electromagnetic radiation saturated all readings afterwards. A second on-site report from the Servant Sisters of EVE a few hours later includes a preliminary estimate of 88.7% [...]

            Quality-focused campaign proves successful, SC says

            • YC108-02-08

              THE FORGE. The first steps of a new marketing strategy targeting the quality-conscious pod-pilots were a success, Strata Corp CEO said. As part of a renewed strategy to counter the raising pressure from Gallente imports, Caldari high-tech producers are increasing exposure of their products among the pod-pilot community, according to Strata Corp CEO David Simmons. The New Caldari-based transmitter producer "has engaged in an aggressive marketing campaign to raise consumer awareness of the higher [...]

              Virus escape after research accident

              • YC108-02-06

                Chaos erupted on the planet of Sharhelund III, the only inhabited planet in the Sharhelund system, when a research vessel fell out of orbit and burned up in the atmosphere. The ship, the Restless Spirit, is believed to have struck another ship in a low orbit accident, leaving all of its gyroscopic and engine systems wrecked. Without those systems it appears to have fallen out of orbit and fragmented on re-entry. More disturbing, however, is that the Restless Spirit was conducting research on several [...]

                Gallente pressure on Caldari high-tech market

                • YC108-02-05

                  THE FORGE. Caldari suppliers' scarcity and fierce Gallente competition is slowly strangling Strata Corp, CEO David Simmons says. In what caused a bit more than a mild shock to the Caldari high-tech sector's pride, the CEO of the The Forge-based transmitter manufacturer Strata Corp admitted that his corporation is finding it increasingly harder to find willing suppliers at the correct price. Coupled with fierce competition from Gallente importers and a stagnant market for their product "we are having a [...]