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Holder Family Moves to Reclaim Prestige

  • YC106-09-30

    The Edarion Holders, an old, declining Holder family, marked the recent graduation of their three sons Galvus, Steban and Carlos with what appears to be an attempt to reclaim some of their former glory. The three brothers, armed with more ISK than a small colony earns in a year, recently advertised their intention to buy large amounts of slaves for the purpose of populating up-until-now neglected Edarion factories on Kenenhehab 3. Other purchases included Vitoc, slavers and marines to keep the slaves [...]

    Election turnout surprisingly good; narrow margin outcome expected

    • YC106-09-30

      The public elections where the citizens of the Federation vote on whether president Souro Foiritan can run again in two years time started yesterday. Political analysts had predicted a very low turnout, but first indications show otherwise. With the elections still only in their second day the turnout is already almost 20%, with three days still remaining. The media is forbidden from making actual polls with the elections ongoing, but a few unofficial polls have been circulating. Again the analysts [...]

      COLOSSUS Contestant Fires Prematurely, Kills 2 - Caldari Gaming Commission Perturbed

      • YC106-09-30

        This afternoon in an undisclosed system in The Forge, as Qualifier 5 for the Wiyrkomi Corporation's COLOSSUS team was getting underway, a contestant activated her weapons before the race was officially started, pod-killing two of her fellow contestants despite being explicitly warned by race coordinators that such behavior would result in disqualification. The Caldari Gaming Commission has reacted to the news with much anger, immediately disqualifying the contestant in question and barring her and her [...]

        SCC Approves New Market Items -- Backlash From Captain Community At Large

        • YC106-09-29

          The SCC Advisory Council yesterday approved a variety of new sales commodities for general release on SCC-regulated interstellar markets. Notable among them are such items as long-anticipated learning skill packs from the Society of Conscious Thought, material which will give advanced students the possibility of, as a SOCT press release puts it, "taking their potential to the stars and beyond." The University of Caille and the Republic University yesterday also released the fruits of what has been [...]

          Election booths open tomorrow for Gallente pilots

          • YC106-09-28

            The first public elections in the Federation in two years are scheduled to start tomorrow at noon. Excitement is mounting, though turnout is predicted to be poor. The political future of president Foiritan may hinge on the results of these elections, even if they will have little direct implications for the ordinary citizen. Supporters of the president are counting on the goodwill of the general public and urging everyone to vote. The president's opponents in the Senate have in the meantime tried to [...]

            Richer pickings as world grows wealthier

            • YC106-09-25

              The Golden Age of inter-stellar travel has brought great riches and wondrous discoveries into the world, but at a price. The lure of plunder has reduced many former upstanding citizens to petty thievery and piracy. Strong freighter escort in the outer region has saved many from pirate ambushes, yet more and more fall pray to these dregs of society every month. As new, advanced equipment enters the market it is only to be expected for this trend to continue in the foreseeable future, as CONCORD seems [...]

              It's election time in the Federation - public gets to decide

              • YC106-09-24

                The independent committee charged with finding a compromise solution to the serious political deadlock that emerged from last week's Senate session has finished its work. The solution they came up with should come as no surprise to those familiar with Gallentean democracy: the matter will be resolved in a public elections. The elections are scheduled to start on Wednesday next week. Due to the size of the Federation they will be open for five days, ending on Monday the week after the next. All [...]

                Folklore idols irk DED who warns against hero-worship.

                • YC106-09-22

                  As the space industry expands and becomes a more integral part of the economy of EVE, more and more people are becoming aware of the heroes and villains that ply the vast inter-stellar trade routes. Some of the pirate factions are now established enough that they are known by the majority of the populace. Consequentially, the leaders of these nefarious organizations are becoming known to the world at large, often through dramatized holo-reels based more on fiction than fact. The branch within CONCORD [...]

                  Federation leaders clash as committee commences work

                  • YC106-09-20

                    The committee charged with coming up with a compromise solution to the fierce debate raging between the Senate and president Foiritan held its first meeting this weekend. The committee, populated with independent legal experts and scholars, must decide whether or in what way the constitutional changes advocated by president Foiritan can come about. These changes would allow him to run for the presidency again in two years time. The leaders of the Federation, notably Souro Foiritan and Mentas Blaque, [...]

                    Stormy Senate session ends on a compromising note

                    • YC106-09-17

                      Yesterday saw the most heated Senate sessions in years, as Souro Foiritan clashed with the leaders of the Senate in an attempt to push through constitutional changes allowing him to run again for the presidency in two years time. Foiritan’s ambition is to stay in office until a full and decisive victory can be called in the fight against the UDI. The president is rallying all the support he can in the Senate in a bid to overturn the stranglehold the Sociocrats have on it. Favors are being called in [...]

                      Wiyrkomi, Lai Dai Add to Teams as Second Round of Qualifiers Kicks Off

                      • YC106-09-14

                        Four speed demons last Sunday made it to the final teams of megacorporations Wiyrkomi and Lai Dai in the Caldari State's monumental sporting event, the COLOSSUS Championships. In the former race, contestants Nelno and Lord Azraiel sped through the finish line first to join last week's winners, Trooper B99 and Jeffrey Lebowski, on the Wiyrkomi team, while the latter saw racers Alewood KJ and bsspewer take their place on the Lai Dai team's roster. As the corporations' teams slowly come together, sports [...]

                        President Foiritan planning for the future

                        • YC106-09-13

                          Souro Foiritan, president of the Gallente Federation, is poised to push through constitutional changes that would allow him to run again for president when his current term expires in two years time. The current constitution mandates that the president can only serve a single term of five years. But Foiritan wants to ensure he has enough time to act out on his promise to hunt down the UDI terrorists that have been plaguing the Federation for months, culminating in the infamous Elarel massacre a little [...]

                          Kaalakiota, Nugoeihuvi Qualifiers Rife With Violence As Masses Cheer

                          • YC106-09-10

                            Yesterday and Wednesday saw the first qualifier heats for the Kaalakiota and Nugoeihuvi corporations light up the skies in the Venal, Catch and Curse regions of space. In Wednesday's qualifier sixteen pilots ventured through the Venal region, where they encountered heavy resistance from a blockade of Reikoku and Evolution forces. Numerous contestants were confirmed pod-killed, with one brave soul who lost his ship nevertheless limping to the finish line in his pod to place in the top five. Pilots [...]