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New Ship Class Released Exclusively to Pod-Fitted Pilots -- Columnist's Column Causes Stir

  • YC106-08-25

    Much has been made in local media recently over the release of a new standardized class of capsule-fitted space vessel, the assault frigate. Hitting the space-lanes with little to no advance warning on Tuesday of last week, these vessels have been the subject of much speculation - why did every major designer of capsule-fitted ships put their prototypes up for patent finalization on the exact same day? And why is this class of ship intended exclusively for the relative elite that comprises the pod [...]

    Minmatar Border Patrols Report Caldari Corp Police Border Zone Activity

    • YC106-08-10

      Republic Navy Operations Command yesterday reported Ishukone Watch patrols making incursions into Minmatar-controlled territories, performing unsolicited ship scans and questioning passers-by on closed frequencies. This is the sixth time in the last two weeks that Ishukone forces have been seen in the area. Border systems Todrir and Eust have both played host to ships from the privately-controlled police force, resulting in stepped-up patrols from Republic Navy forces in the vicinity. According to [...]

      Mordu's Legion and Guardian Angels clash in Fountain region

      • YC106-08-03

        The task force led by Muryia Mordu into Serpentis space was pinned down yesterday by Guardian Angels forces led by Brynn Jerdola and Setele Schellan and forced into combat. The Guardian Angels have been trying to corner Mordu ever since the latter entered the Fountain region, but he has always managed to slip out of their grasp just when they thought they had him. Whether this is due to Mordu's tactical brilliance or the aid of unknown gadgets at his disposal is not known, but it wasn't until the [...]