Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Capsuleer Completes Circumnavigation

  • YC112-09-28

    New Eden - DevilDogUSMC has completed his second circumnavigation of New Eden in less than 12 hours. The venture saw him manually navigate through 25 regions, including Delve, Fountain and Cache, and make a total of 435 system jumps, beginning in Fluekele, Sinq Laison and finishing in 4C-B7X, Outer Ring. DevilDogUSMC had hoped that his second circumnavigation would attract more capsuleers, and afterward he claimed he was satisfied with how it went: "I had a greater positive reaction in 0.0 than I [...]

    Capsuleer Jump Clone Service Celebrates 10,000th Client

    • YC112-09-25

      Rens , Heimatar. Enigmatic Minmatar billionaire Estel Arador has recently celebrated the 10,000th capsuleer jump clone installation with his not-for-profit organization, Estel Arador's Corp Services [EACS]. At the corporate headquarters located in the Brutor Tribe Treasury, Rens IV, Arador broadcast a special message personally thanking all those who have contributed to the project. During the speech he urged every capsuleer to take advantage of their facilities: "I'd like to thank everyone who has [...]

      Capsuleer Plans Second Circumnavigation of New Eden

      • YC112-09-19

        DevilDogUSMC is planning a second venture through New Eden in which he hopes to visit more than five hundred systems in less than two days. Having already successfully completed a circumnavigation, DevilDogUSMC pointed out the reasons he believed it may have been a little disappointing: "Last time there was no challenge. I was flying in the shadows and I did it! I survived but... Nobody got to be apart of such an amazing trip." This time around, he plans to involve as many capsuleers as possible by [...]

        BREAKING NEWS: Cry Havoc. Disbands

        • YC112-09-15

          Multiple reports are indicating that following a communication from Mistress Suffering, Cry Havoc. [C H] are closing their doors until further notice. After more than three years of successfully roaming the low and null security heavens CH go dormant due to forseeable inactivity of their leadership. During their existence they destroyed ships worth more than 5 trillion isk, 32 supercarriers and 5 titans amongst that. CH reached Alliance Tournament final rounds several times, count 647 members and are [...]

          Circle-Of-Two Suffers Expensive Losses in Providence and Domain

          • YC112-09-14

            U-HYMT, Providence - On 112.08.16 a Circle-Of-Two [CO2] Avatar was destroyed together with a small capital and sub-capital support fleet. An Erebus titan also on the field was able to escape. The Avatar was destroyed by at least 160 pilots coming from 10 different alliances. A high ranking officer in [CO2], who preferred to remain anonymous, claimed that the titans and carriers were 'goofing around' and did not expect the attack. The CO2 Avatar ship was piloted by Jowan. Together with the titan, CO2 [...]

            Pilot Plots Course to Visit Every System in New Eden

            • YC112-09-07

              Jita - One capsuleer has stated her intent to visit every solar system in New Eden, cataloging the journey as she goes. Hitomi Baka, the CEO of Koala Coalation [KAYC], recently started the epic journey across the known galaxy. Says Baka, "Well, I started hitting every region in [New Eden], then decided that it was too small a challenge, so I decided to go to every system as well." Proof of this journey will be documented in the photos Baka plans to take at each step of her journey. "I am taking a [...]

              Theft at Titans 4 U

              • YC112-09-07

                Titans 4 U, a capsuleer run investment vehicle run by Bad Bobby since last summer has now ceased trading after unusual behaviour was observed by trustees and investors. Suspicions were raised on the 3rd of September when Proton Power reported in the Market Discussion section of GalNet that the directors of Titans 4 U had been dismissed from their roles a day before a vote was created to "unlock the 5 titan bpo's." Bad Bobby confirmed on the 4th of September that he had indeed stolen the assets and [...]

                Capsuleer Offers Market Broadcast

                • YC112-09-06

                  Mineral prices in New Eden fluctuate on a daily basis creating additional work for New Eden's entrepreneurs actively involved in the markets. The Eve Morning Reports was created by a capsuleer to ease that burden. The Eve Morning Report, created and broadcast by Utemetsu, claims to be a very detailed, daily update on many mineral prices including recaps of previous prices for capsuleers to determine trends. Utemetsu recalled that compiling the information for the broadcast used to take a great deal of [...]

                  Militias Hold Truce to Break Stargate Camp

                  • YC112-09-01

                    Kourmonen - The Bleak Lands. In a battle involving a most unlikely fleet, it took the combined efforts of Minmatar Republic militia ships and the Amarr Empire militia forces to break a Wildly Inappropriate [WI] stargate camp. "The Wildly Inappropriate forces were spotted [engaging] some of the Amarr Militia..." states the joint force fleet commander, Predator Elite, "...we also noticed they were [engaged with] the Minmatar pilots as well." It was at that point Flyinghotpocket, a member of Filthy [...]