Theft at Titans 4 U

Titans 4 U, a capsuleer run investment vehicle run by Bad Bobby since last summer has now ceased trading after unusual behaviour was observed by trustees and investors.

Suspicions were raised on the 3rd of September when Proton Power reported in the Market Discussion section of GalNet that the directors of Titans 4 U had been dismissed from their roles a day before a vote was created to "unlock the 5 titan bpo's."

Bad Bobby confirmed on the 4th of September that he had indeed stolen the assets and funds of Titans 4 U.

In an exclusive interview with the Interstellar Correspondents, Bad Bobby has given a detailed account of the true value of the assets stolen, and also his future plans. He divulged to us that although he ran Titans 4 U as a legitimate operation, he was always going to "keep his options open" and his desires to bail out and cash in on the venture were always in his mind.

Bad Bobby explained that the idea for Titans 4 U was not actually his, but a fellow capsuleer. However, the aforementioned capsuleer went on to execute thefts from other ventures such as EBANK instead. Bad Bobby has stated that he had always worked alone from the start, and that no one other than himself knew his possible intentions to execute a mass theft.

We can now officially confirm the items stolen for the Titans 4 U heist, as detailed by Bad Bobby; five blueprint originals which included two Erebus, two Avatar, and one Leviathan, as well as one Avatar blueprint copy, 156 billion ISK, and a faction "deathstar" starbase tower with fittings.

When asked about his personal feelings towards those who had invested in Titans 4 U, his response was one of little sympathy; "It's a shame that some people are hit very hard by the scam, but that's the nature of investment. Nobody should ever invest what they cannot afford to lose."

Many capsuleers who had invested in Titans 4 U appeared to have admiration for such a large scale theft, regardless of their own personal assets lost in Titans 4 U. Capsuleer Istvaan Shogaatsu, himself known for large corporation thefts praised Bad Bobby; "Now that's a corp theft. Congratulations!"

Vaerah Vahrokha, a new Eden capsuleer who conducts audits for various IPO'S, and who has come across strong opposition to her seemingly 'pointless' number crunching, made her opinion very clear on the matter, "Enjoy losing more dozens of billions [investors]. Talk is cheap, my payback is not."

Bad Bobby has confirmed that he is already working towards his next 'venture', but it may prove difficult to beat Titans 4 U.

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