Capsuleer Plans Second Circumnavigation of New Eden

DevilDogUSMC is planning a second venture through New Eden in which he hopes to visit more than five hundred systems in less than two days.

Having already successfully completed a circumnavigation, DevilDogUSMC pointed out the reasons he believed it may have been a little disappointing: "Last time there was no challenge. I was flying in the shadows and I did it! I survived but... Nobody got to be apart of such an amazing trip."

This time around, he plans to involve as many capsuleers as possible by inviting all those interested to the in-pod channel, "Circle-Eve", where he hopes capsuleers will "feel free to talk" to him about what he's seeing or what is happening.

In addition to the channel, on the day of launch he will provide capsuleers another means of tracking his progress live.

On why he is doing it a second time, and why he will be taking risks, he said, "I think [capsuleers] want to see more achievements being met. I can't wait to see others meet their goals. Maybe this will show them they can give it a shot, not just hear about it, but see it actually happen, and not have it be an after thought."

His last trip was accomplished in a Helios. This time he is keeping it a secret, teasing; "if you want to know the ship type, you will need to come cheer me on. I welcome it."

If you would like to follow DevilDogUSMC and find out the exact start date, join in-pod channel "Circle-Eve". You can follow him live as well as chat with him.

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