Capsuleer Jump Clone Service Celebrates 10,000th Client

Rens , Heimatar. Enigmatic Minmatar billionaire Estel Arador has recently celebrated the 10,000th capsuleer jump clone installation with his not-for-profit organization, Estel Arador's Corp Services [EACS].

At the corporate headquarters located in the Brutor Tribe Treasury, Rens IV, Arador broadcast a special message personally thanking all those who have contributed to the project. During the speech he urged every capsuleer to take advantage of their facilities: "I'd like to thank everyone who has used the service so far, and encourage anyone who doesn't have a jump clone yet to go get them!"

[EACS] currently has access to cloning facilities in 1,092 stations; about 75% of all publicly available cloning facilities in New Eden. Locations include all four major trade hubs at Jita, Amarr, Rens and Dodoxie.

Fueled by the relentless expansion of the capsuleer market and increased demand for jump clones over the last eighteen months, [EACS] and associates Je'Nann , Contralto , and Incusus have made steady progress. Now, almost two years after launching their service, [EACS] has earned impressive standings with 49 of the largest mega corporations and have access to clone installations in some 27 regions.

When asked if the organization would continue to penetrate the few remaining pockets of high, low and null security space yet to be fully exploited Arador was unequivocal: "Its not a priority - but - it will continue to happen. Just at a slower pace."

He also made it clear that there are no plans to capitalize on their achievements: "I believe EACS offers an essential service to the capsuleer community, especially newly graduated capsuleers who often can't afford a multi-million isk fee. Therefore EACS will continue to offer its services free of charge to every capsuleer! No capsuleer left behind!"

To make use of the [EACS] jump clone installation service a capsuleer need only possess some skill in Infomorph Psychology and adhere to [EACS] guidelines as published on GalNet.

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