BREAKING NEWS: Cry Havoc. Disbands

Multiple reports are indicating that following a communication from Mistress Suffering, Cry Havoc. [C H] are closing their doors until further notice.

After more than three years of successfully roaming the low and null security heavens CH go dormant due to forseeable inactivity of their leadership.

During their existence they destroyed ships worth more than 5 trillion isk, 32 supercarriers and 5 titans amongst that.

CH reached Alliance Tournament final rounds several times, count 647 members and are currently holding Sovereignty in the Cloud Ring region.

Mistress Suffering is quoted as writing "We've done a damn good job of having fun and killing stuff" but goes on to say that they lack the people necessary to "create an environment that makes for a good active alliance".

IC will follow up on this story with more information as it becomes available.

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Closing Announcement
Cry Havoc. killboard
Alliance Tournament 8 Information

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