Militias Hold Truce to Break Stargate Camp

Kourmonen - The Bleak Lands. In a battle involving a most unlikely fleet, it took the combined efforts of Minmatar Republic militia ships and the Amarr Empire militia forces to break a Wildly Inappropriate [WI] stargate camp.

"The Wildly Inappropriate forces were spotted [engaging] some of the Amarr Militia..." states the joint force fleet commander, Predator Elite, "...we also noticed they were [engaged with] the Minmatar pilots as well." It was at that point Flyinghotpocket, a member of Filthy Franchise [N4STY] and a member of the Minmatar Militia, is credited with arranging a treaty with the Amarrian fleet.

Although not common, these impromptu 'cease-fire' situations do occur when warranted. When asked if the contact from the Republic forces was a surprise, Predator Elite - member of Core Impulse and FC for the Amarr Militia - states, "[I was] not really surprised because there were times before when we were fighting that a pirate gang would jump on us and we all would stop fighting and kill off the I was ok with it." Missy Lorelai, a member of N4STY, echoes that statement, "As of late, some 0.0 pirate corps have been engaging both sides during conflict or pirating plexes or missions." but she quickly qualifies, "...we only work with one FC with Treaties...Predator Elite."

The most recent 'Treaty' lasted approx twenty minutes while the combined militia fleet held the field against the Wildly Inappropriate camp. No occurances of friendly-fire were reported, and after looting the field, each fleet went their own way. It must also be reported that these two fleets engaged each other later in the evening, with the Amarr Empire forces holding the field.

This is yet another instance of the level of organization that it appears the militias are undergoing to become more competitive against some of the more powerful Alliances. When asked about how the militias are evolving, Wolfduke, a member of Wildly Inappropriate and former Venge Captain for the Republic, states, "It was great to finally see some coordination in their forces," he adds, "Even though it involved siding with the their case." Wolfduke noted that it was only afterwards he heard that the two militias had called for a cease-fire to fight them. But, while he is "far too devoted to [Wildly Inappropriate] to change allegiances", he was proud to see how the fleets have evolved from being "poor quality and not focused at all."

Although the two militias remain bitter enemies, they have proven that it would be unwise to get between them while they are fighting.

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