Pilot Plots Course to Visit Every System in New Eden

Jita - One capsuleer has stated her intent to visit every solar system in New Eden, cataloging the journey as she goes.

Hitomi Baka, the CEO of Koala Coalation [KAYC], recently started the epic journey across the known galaxy. Says Baka, "Well, I started hitting every region in [New Eden], then decided that it was too small a challenge, so I decided to go to every system as well."

Proof of this journey will be documented in the photos Baka plans to take at each step of her journey. "I am taking a [Neocom Image] of each system as I jump into it, [then] naming them and sorting by regions." The journey is expected to take anywhere from three to six months if she keeps her current pace.

Baka explains her motivation: "Initially, it was just a passing fancy. When I thought more of it and began to plan, it made me think. [Lawless space] and people claiming territory stop a lot of [pilots] from exploring. I decided to not only be the only person to have been in every known system, but to show others that it's not as scary as they think."

Although Interstellar Correspondents has heard of similar feats, none has involved a system by system journey. Early last year, DevilDogUSMC of H E L I C O N Alliance recorded a successful circumnavigation of the known galaxy. He survived the journey with his ship intact.

Baka will travel the stars in a specially modified Tengu designed to dissuade attempts to hinder her progress. At the conclusion of her trip, she plans to auction off the Tengu used in the journey as a collector's item, the proceeds of which will be donated to EVE University.

Pilots interested in tracking Baka's progress can find her general whereabouts listed under her bio; her exact location will not be published for security reasons.

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