Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Eve University Releases Guide to Planet-based Production

  • YC112-05-30

    Aldrat, Metropolis - Eve University released a new guide earlier this week, aimed at those capsuleers interested in expanding into industry through planetary extraction, processing and production. The guide is accompanied by a "quick start" holoreel. The guide, available from the Ivy League knowledgebase, outlines useful skills for pilots interested in planetary production to study, then goes into detail on planet categorization and provides walkthroughs on how to scan for resources, set up colony [...]

    Caldari Defence Initiative Signed by Militia Corporations

    • YC112-05-25

      Tama, The Citadel - Eleven State Protectorate corporations have signed the "Caldari Defence Initiative" [CDI], a mutual assistance pact which aims to create a unified, organized core to the Caldari militia and extend support from its signatory members to other State Protectorate corporations. Signatories to the treaty at present are Inglorious-Basterds, Payable on Death, Pillow Fighters Inc, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Obvious Indecision, Spacetime Enterprises, Costolle Military Asistance [...]

      Capsuleers Believe Gravimetric Waves May Close Sansha Wormholes

      • YC112-05-22

        Romi, Kador - On 112.05.20, a wormhole generated by Sansha's invasion vessels collapsed. Many capsuleers believe it was destabilized by their use of focused gravimetric waves. According to some reports, the alleged breakthrough was made by capsuleers participating in "Operation Bad Moon". Darkcoro, one of the leaders of the operation, believes the collapse had been achieved by flooding the wormhole with large amounts of gravimetric waves. Darkoro's claim was seemingly confirmed when Slave Ation09 [...]

        Northern and Southern Coalitions Battle over BDV3-T

        • YC112-05-21

          BDV3-T, Pure Blind - Earlier today Northern and Southern Coalition capital fleets clashed over control tower structures in this system. A Wildly Inappropriate. large control tower was destroyed by Red.Overlord forces in BDV3-T. Subsequent engagements over the next four hours involved a Northern Coalition capital fleet cynoing into the system to engage Southern Coalition control tower gunners at another moon. A Southern Coalition fleet then engaged the Northern Coalition capital forces, culminating [...]

          Paxton Federation Retreats From Providence

          • YC112-05-21

            GTMI, Providence - Paxton Federation [PXF] has formally initiated a retreat from Providence. According to diplomatic sources, most of Paxton's assets have been moved out of Providence to destinations unknown. Two systems in which Paxton still holds an outpost have reportedly been evacuated. "We have lost this war and we'll be pulling back, further major actions would be a futile gesture," stated Randall Alba. Paxton Federation's opponents comprised capsuleers from several of Providence's new [...]

            Amarr Militia Reclaims Last Nine Systems In Devoid And Bleak Lands

            • YC112-05-21

              Kourmonen, The Bleak Lands - On 112.05.14, the Kourmonen solar system was conquered by Amarr forces. The capture marked the conclusion of a two month campaign that saw the Minmatar Militia being ousted from the nine solar systems in Devoid and Bleak Lands they had previously conquered. According to Det Resprox, Amarr Militia forces had already begun reclaiming systems when the defection of Eran Mintor, a former Minmatar Fleet Commander, gave the Amarrians even more momentum: "he was responsible for [...]

              Friends of Nation Capsuleer Group Formed

              • YC112-05-18

                Jel, Sinq Laison - On 17.05.112, Planet III in the Jel system was raided by Sansha's Nation supported by a group known as "Friends of Nation." The fleet from Friends of Nation broadcast Nation leader Master Kuvakei's message to the capsuleers of New Eden; a message that they say is about equality, protection and guidance. It is believed that around 110,000 citizens were taken from Jel III. Ghost Hunter, a Friends of Nation representative, had this statement: "I am disappointed more from the planet [...]

                ATLAS Titan Downed in H-W9TY

                • YC112-05-17

                  H-W9TY, Tribute - An ATLAS Leviathan-class titan was destroyed by a Northern Coalition force of more than 400 ships drawn from over 20 alliances during early morning fighting on 12.05.112. H-W9TY is the capital system of Morsus Mihi, a major Northern Coalition alliance and the current apparent focus of the Southern Coalition invasion effort, which is meeting very heavy resistance. Sources from both sides confirm that the ATLAS titan was safely within a control tower's shields when an incoming [...]

                  Capsuleer Conference to Address Sansha Harvests

                  • YC112-05-17

                    Yulai, Genesis - At 04:30 on 18.05.112, a conference will begin in "The Summit" virtual reality channel. The conference, formally titled "The Strategic Accord on Re-Emerging Powers" aims to formulate a united strategic posture for capsuleers of all Empires that can be deployed against both the current Sansha raids and possible future Sleeper threats. The conference will be hosted by Abbess Ashar KorAzor of the Order of the Blessed Sisters of Amarr, in partnership with Julianus Soter (founder of the [...]

                    Sansha Incursions on the Increase

                    • YC112-05-16

                      Intaki, Placid - In the latest (at the time of writing, 15.05.112) of the incursions by the Sansha "Harvest Fleet," two Chimera-class vessels and support fleet were destroyed with the help of a Nyx and Aeon from Cry Havoc. 11.05.112 Kaaputenen - First recorded incursion into capsuleer space. This was followed by incurions in Frarn, Renyn, Ashab, Eystur and Urlen. 12.05.112 Balle - No information currently held. Niarja - Approximately 50,000 citizens abducted. Tama - Archon-class carrier deployed by [...]

                      Capsuleer Opens Judiciary Service in New Providence

                      • YC112-05-16

                        YWS0-Z, Providence - On 112.04.29, Chipmo of The Star Fraction announced on GALNET the foundation of his Civil Court of New Providence [CCCNP]. Chipmo's court will offer capsuleers a way to resolve disputes without resorting to violence. Initially based in Providence, it may eventually be extended to all of New Eden's pilots. The court will operate with Chipmo as a monocratic justice. Clients will be allowed to hire attorneys and detectives to present their facts. Doubts on the Court's method of [...]


                        • YC112-05-12

                          <!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } A:link { so-language: zxx } --> G-5EN2, Providence - Pilots can once again take part in the Auctoramentum Gladitorium; a gladiator style battle where competitors will fight for a top prize of 2 billion ISK. The event sponsored by Revan Nefaris, Sovereign of the Sani Sabik faith, is to be held in the G-5EN2 system, recently controlled by Amarrian loyalists, as a show of honor for the new Faith that now rules the system. These games are dedicated [...]

                          Low Mineral Values Fuel Insurance Fraud

                          • YC112-05-12

                            Jita, The Forge - The prolonged depreciation in the value of common minerals has fueled the practice of 'insurance fraud'. 'Insurance fraud' is considered to be the action of a capsuleer willfully destroying a newly insured vessel to collect its insurance value. With current low prices for minerals, a ship can be built or acquired significantly below its insurance value and the subsequent self destruction of the insured ship can yield significant net gains. Alica Wildfire of Federal Investigation [...]

                            Pandemic Legion Keeps IT Alliance Occupied in Delve as War Rages in North

                            • YC112-05-11

                              KFIE-Z, Delve - As war rages between the Northern Coalition [NC] and Southern Coalition [SC], Pandemic Legion has been attacking IT Alliance (part of the Southern Coalition) on their home-front in Delve. Pandemic Legion have been striking into the region from KFIE-Z, a single-gate system in the Blood Raider Covenant-controlled part of Delve. Their raids have targetted IT's infrastructure and allies to divide their attention from the war against the NC. The distraction in IT's home region has so far [...]

                              Supercarrier Trap Leads to Counter Intelligence Retaliation

                              • YC112-05-10

                                Ubtes, Derelik - On 16.04.112, a B A N E [BANE] alliance espionage operation destroyed a Cult of War [CoW] carrier group in Ubtes in retaliation for the destruction of two BANE supercarriers in Auga last month. On the 28th of the previous month, a joint operation by CoW and Gentlemen's Club [GC] set up a trap involving a fleet of around 100 ships split between 60 Carriers, 8 Supercarriers and support. CoW pilot Teschan explained that BANE Alliance pilots were attempting to target a Thanatos fitted [...]

                                Malkalen Disaster Memorial Service Ends with Organizer's Death

                                • YC112-05-07

                                  Malkalen, Lonetrek - On 05.05.112 at 20:00, a memorial service was held for those who lost their lives when a Nyx-class supercarrier, the "Wandering Saint" was rammed into the Ishukone Corporation headquarters two years ago. At the end of the memorial, organizer John Revenant was executed by a Star Fraction fleet led by Jade Constantine. The service, arranged by John Revenant (leader of the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive [I-RED] alliance), was held in Malkalen under a blanket of anticipation. [...]

                                  Northern and Southern Coalition Battle Over Control of O-BY0Y

                                  • YC112-05-05

                                    O-BY0Y, Pure Blind - On April 29, 112, Northern Coalition [NC] forces attacked several Southern Coalition [SC] towers, destroying a number of them in a day of activity. Imperian, Fleet Commander for the NC forces, had his fleet concentrated on their first target, a technetium moon tower, when SC forces headed by IT capsuleers intercepted them. Responding to the number of SC carriers, Imperian had his cap fleet drop back from O-BY0Y to a nearby system, where they were able to gather reinforcements [...]

                                    Black Star Alliance Loses Super Capitals In Fountain

                                    • YC112-05-05

                                      9DQW-W, Fountain - A combination of Pandemic Legion [PL] and Panda Team [GANK] forces destroyed a Black Star Alliance [BLAST] super carrier on May 2, 112. The Nyx class vessel piloted by Jacass66, a director of Legion of Qui [LOQ], was downed just outside the protective shields of a BLAST control tower. The supercapital had been involved in an engagement near the 9DQW-W station when the Panda Team fleet commander noticed that Jacass66 would warp out to the same spot just outside of the control tower's [...]

                                      Sylph Alliance Closed

                                      • YC112-05-03

                                        D61A-G, Providence - On 19.04.112, Sylph Alliance closed down after losing sovereignty over all its systems in Catch and Providence in the war with Against ALL Authorities some months ago. Created four years ago, Sylph Alliance at its peak numbered nearly 500 pilots among 20 corporations that controlled 17 solar systems with 7 outposts. Former Sylph communication officer, Souzen Yurama attributed the decline of the alliance to problems arising in the alliance after the Ushra'Khan attack, which Souzen [...]

                                        Paxton Federation Defends Providence Territories

                                        • YC112-05-03

                                          MH9C-S, Providence - Recently, Paxton Federation's sovereign space in Providence has come under attack by the region's new inhabitants. According to diplomatic sources, fights have been raging since Monday in and around the MH9C-S and AY-29I solar systems. Paxton Federation was the only one of the former "Providence Holders" allied with Curatores Veritatis Alliance which retained sovereignty after Against ALL Authorities and its allies conquered the region. The alliance was not immediately attacked by [...]