Sansha Incursions on the Increase

Intaki, Placid - In the latest (at the time of writing, 15.05.112) of the incursions by the Sansha "Harvest Fleet," two Chimera-class vessels and support fleet were destroyed with the help of a Nyx and Aeon from Cry Havoc.

11.05.112 Kaaputenen - First recorded incursion into capsuleer space. This was followed by incurions in Frarn, Renyn, Ashab, Eystur and Urlen.

12.05.112 Balle - No information currently held.

Niarja - Approximately 50,000 citizens abducted.

Tama - Archon-class carrier deployed by Nation forces - Estimated 100,000 citizens abducted.

Kamela - Imperial Navy commander gave orders for all allied pilots to open fire on the Minmatar who only moments before they had considered fleet mates.

13.05.112 Incursions took place in Auga, Penirgman, Gyng, Abudhan and:

Umokka - Evidence of Sansha communications scrambling technology. Colony on planet 2 in the system totally wiped out - Estimated 150,000 citizens abducted.

Sansha's Nation forces are engaged14.05.112 Intaki - Comfirmed deployment of 2 carriers by Nation forces.

Penirgman - No dropships, believed by many capsuleers to be a diversionary attack whilst Nation forces prepared to invade Teonsude system.

Teonsude - Estimated 150,000 citizens abducted.

Arnon - CONCORD pilot had ship destroyed by capsuleers after the vessel's commanding officer Sutola Endoma who told the pilots "Any conversation regarding the situation that may or may not have happened in Arnon is strictly forbidden." Endoma also refused to vacate the system when ordered to by the Federal Navy.

Hek - Estimeated 25,000 citizens abducted with no CONCORD presence recorded at the scene.

Vevelonel - Two capital class vessels in hostile fleet.

15.05.11 Odatrik - Estimated 25,000 citizens abducted.

Tama - Slave Tama01 appeared for the first time, piloting a Wyvern-class supercarrier that was destroyed by forces from Cry Havoc, Rote Kapelle and Advocated Destruction amongst others. Many have pointed out the correlation between the Nation's first use of a Caldari-originating capitals and supercapitals and extraordinarily rapid elevation of the slaves from Tama to capsuleer status. Taken from the planet raided in Tama only a few days previously, the True Slave capsuleer Tama Slave01 returned to the system and talked to capsuleers in local, stating "Master has allowed me to return, to speak. We plan to uplift humanity. To correct the mistake that is the capsuleers."

Melichor Duraldi asked Tama Slave01 "…By what means do you create your wormholes?" to which Slave Tama01 replied "That is not for you to know" , which makes many capsuleers believe that they do indeed have the technology to either create or control wormholes.

Intaki - The latest incursion (at the time of writing which included two capital vessels was repeled various capsuleers, including a Nyx and Aeon from Cry Havoc.

The Intaki incursion happened in the small hours of the morning of the 15th. While capsuleers have many theories on means to predict the time and place of the next incursion, no-one has yet publically announced any successful insight, save that target planets to date have all been temperate in climate.

When the next raid is due, if there is a next one, no-one knows, but capsuleers and naval forces remain vigilant.

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