Paxton Federation Retreats From Providence

GTMI, Providence - Paxton Federation [PXF] has formally initiated a retreat from Providence.

According to diplomatic sources, most of Paxton's assets have been moved out of Providence to destinations unknown. Two systems in which Paxton still holds an outpost have reportedly been evacuated.D-GTMI Station

"We have lost this war and we'll be pulling back, further major actions would be a futile gesture," stated Randall Alba.

Paxton Federation's opponents comprised capsuleers from several of Providence's new inhabitants: Ushra'Khan, Star Fraction, Chaos Theory, Opticon, Legio Astartes Arcanum, Daisho, Sodalitas XX and several other entities. While Paxton Federation consists of about 600 capsuleers, attackers numbered in the thousands.

Darenell of Opticon Alliance, confirmed his scouts have monitored Paxton Federation's retreat and added that a shift in Paxton's fighting pattern confirms they are on the move: "we were seeing them field heavy fleets in the 100-200 pilot range... lately we have started to see several smaller fleets in the 20-50 range, mostly comprised of skirmish ships."

Where Paxton Federation will relocate to is still a mystery. According to Randall Alba this is still a matter of discussion.

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