Black Star Alliance Loses Super Capitals In Fountain

9DQW-W, Fountain - A combination of Pandemic Legion [PL] and Panda Team [GANK] forces destroyed a Black Star Alliance [BLAST] super carrier on May 2, 112. The Nyx class vessel piloted by Jacass66, a director of Legion of Qui [LOQ], was downed just outside the protective shields of a BLAST control tower.

The supercapital had been involved in an engagement near the 9DQW-W station when the Panda Team fleet commander noticed that Jacass66 would warp out to the same spot just outside of the control tower's shield every time he fell back from the station. Grarr Dexx from GANK said "...we picked up on that and managed to bubble him there [...] while Pandemic Legion bridged in next door. We took heavy damage, but managed to keep him [in place and] obliterated the Nyx barely 7 kilometers from the shields."

Nyx pilot Jacass66 had the following to say "...At first there was no real threat to my super carrier, but we then got word that there were [more hostiles] arriving from a neighboring system. The next minute they were all on top of me, attempting to bump me away from the starbase shields and the rest, as they say, is history."

BLAST lost an additional two carriers that had attempted to rescue the troubled Nyx, while killing approximately 30 hostile vessels.

The synergy of PL and GANK fleets was just as successful a few days earlier on April 28, 112 when they destroyed a BLAST Avatar class vessel in the same solar system. The solo titan had been seen in the system on a number of occassions taking out small camps and was on this occassion shooting starbase modules anchored to a GANK control tower when it was bubbled by a pair of GANK interdictors and subsequently destroyed by a fleet of at least 70 sub-capital vessels from PL.

It remains to be seen whether or not PL and GANK will be teaming up in the near future now that Pandemic Legion have moved into Delve and commenced attacks on IT Alliance.

Galnet References

BLAST killboard (Nyx engagement)
Pandemic Legion Killboard (Avatar kill)

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