Eve University Releases Guide to Planet-based Production

Aldrat, Metropolis - Eve University released a new guide earlier this week, aimed at those capsuleers interested in expanding into industry through planetary extraction, processing and production. The guide is accompanied by a "quick start" holoreel.

The guide, available from the Ivy League knowledgebase, outlines useful skills for pilots interested in planetary production to study, then goes into detail on planet categorization and provides walkthroughs on how to scan for resources, set up colony facilities, link them together and harvest finished commodities.

A further section which examines possible production chains from raw materials to finished products, is expected to be revised shortly.

Along with the guide, the Eve University team has released a "quick start" holoreel which has already been viewed over 10,000 times.

The Eve University guide to planetary production was released on the 25.05.112 and, along with its accompanying video, has so far been favourably reviewed by the pilot community.

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Eve University Planetary Production Guide
Eve University Planetary Production Holoreel
Announcement of Guide and Pilot Reviews

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