Capsuleers Believe Gravimetric Waves May Close Sansha Wormholes

Romi, Kador - On 112.05.20, a wormhole generated by Sansha's invasion vessels collapsed. Many capsuleers believe it was destabilized by their use of focused gravimetric waves.

According to some reports, the alleged breakthrough was made by capsuleers participating in "Operation Bad Moon".Battle At Sansha Generated Wormhole

Darkcoro, one of the leaders of the operation, believes the collapse had been achieved by flooding the wormhole with large amounts of gravimetric waves. Darkoro's claim was seemingly confirmed when Slave Ation09 broadcasted "Graviton interference destabilizing portal alpha" shortly before the collapse.

Further successful capsuleer induced wormhole collapses have not yet been reported to confirm or deny this phenomenon.

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