Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

House Rigel Holds Its First Race of the New Year

  • YC111-01-19

    Nonni - 9 th January 111 - Caldari space saw an impressive display of skill, courage, and even some carnage, as capsuleers at the House of Rigel frigate race crossed space on a track named 'Inferno'. For a 1 million ISK entry fee, pilots from all over New Eden put their names and ships on the line in a competition that was designed to be about skill and not simply technology. With only Frigate class vessels allowed fitted with nothing but basic modules, pilots were severely limited in the outfitting [...]

    Meet The Fleet Commander

    • YC111-01-17

      There are only a handful of highly visible and successful Fleet Commanders in the Federal Defence Union. Today's focus is on Elijah Ghost, a member of Pillowsoft corporation [PILLO]. Elijah obtained his pilot's license two and a half years ago. He has been with Pillowsoft on and off during his entire career. The formation of the FDU has given him a reason to stay around longer this time. The formation of the militia has also allowed Elijah to test his hard earned skills and experience in the defense [...]

      Caldari Prime Memorial Commemorates War Dead

      • YC111-01-16

        Caldari Prime, Luminaire - Every year, Caldari-born pilots gather in orbit around the birth planet of their race to remember those who died in the orbital bombardment of the planet during the first Gallente-Caldari war. This year's memorial was dogged by controversy in the days leading up to the event following public statements by its organiser, Gorion Wassenar. Previously CEO of Tsurokigaarai - a Caldari State loyalist corporation, Mr Wassenar has recently become a Freecaptain of Stimulus, a [...]

        IDLE EMPIRE Repels UFA Starbase Attack

        • YC111-01-15

          W-3BSU - An assault on IDLE EMPIRE installations ended in three capital losses for the United Freemen Alliance earlier this week. The aim of the UFA operation had been part of a wider strategy to maintain control over the region of Geminate, along with their allies KIA Alliance. A small number of systems in the region have been under IDLE sovereignty for 2 weeks; it was only early this week that their presence has drawn UFA's attention. Rowlandos, head of IDLE, denies UFA or KIA had any right over the [...]

          Doppelgangers & Teleportation : The Jump Clone Industry and Estel Arador

          • YC111-01-15

            Rens - One of the most important privileges a capsuleer receives is almost unfettered access to cloning facilities throughout New Eden. Although still very much a rigorously controlled industry, the market is slowly starting to expand. This is most noticeable in the secondary cloning market, Jump clones. <img src='' width='230' height='184' alt='Maturation Tube & Clone' /> Using jump clones to facilitate seamless travel between almost any two [...]

            Triumvirate Relinquish Alliance Tournament Spot

            • YC111-01-14

              Triumvirate, last year's runner up at the Alliance Tournament, have announced that they will not be taking up the slot set aside for them at this year's competition. The reluctant decision to withdraw by the member corporations follows what has been a difficult time for Triumvirate. Darknesss, a pilot within Triumvirate, commented: "Unfortunately an alliance like TRI does not fit in the political landscape of today's EVE, we like to work mostly alone, and prefer skill over quantity, but it's become a [...]

              Amarrian Loyalist of the Year Award Winners Announced

              • YC111-01-13

                New Eden - PIE Inc. recently sent out a call to all Amarrians to nominate the pilots who have done the most for the Empire this past year. These pilots were selected by their peers, as examples of the selfless dedication and devotion to God, Empress, and Empire that is the core of all good Amarrians. The names of the nominees were passed to the members of PIE Inc., who then voted for the capsuleer of their choice. PIE Inc. CEO, Admiral Rodj Blake , was on hand for the inaugural event to deliver [...]

                Chribbas Second LoveQuest *IN PROGRESS*

                • YC111-01-13

                  Amarr - 20 th December 110 - LoveQuest 2008 At 19:00 EST on the above date, one of New Edens most famous citizens, Chribba , started his second annual LoveQuest. The LoveQuest consisted of five events spread out over the evening. The five events were: Event 1 : Speed Race 1, a race from A-Z going via waypoints to see who can get to the end first. Event 2 : Speed Race 2, more of the same if there are any competitors left from the first race. Event 3 : Carebears Love, who can deliver the most ore to [...]

                  State Protectorate Liberates Another Star System

                  • YC111-01-13

                    Muetralle - 12 th January 111 At 23:48 this evening the Muetralle system was liberated from Gallente control by a fleet of approximately 22 Caldari Militia pilots. The system become contested earlier in the day and a plan was formulated to ensure it's liberation at the earliest convenience of the Caldari FCs. Buzzkill1234 , a Brigadier General in the State Protectorate led the fleet that brought the system back under State protection had this to say, "I am proud that all the long hours are paying off [...]

                    Goonswarm Capitals Clash Over .-A-. Control Tower in GHZ

                    • YC111-01-12

                      GHZ-SJ - Earlier today the GoonSwarm capital fleet suffered a blow after clashing with forces allied to Against ALL Authorities. The GoonSwarm fleet was engaged in an operation to destroy an .-A-. control tower in GHZ-SJ that they had previously put into reinforced, when they were mauled by the incoming fleet of defenders. The .-A-. forces launched an assault on the capitals after successfully suppressing the GoonSwarm support fleet at the RIT-A7 gate in GHZ-SJ. However, they were unable to reach the [...]

                      Imperial Navy Observer Reports on Khanid Operations Against Blood Raiders

                      • YC111-01-09

                        Safizon, Domain - In a statement at its headquarters today, the Amarr Navy congratulated the Royal Khanid Navy on its recent operations against the Blood Raider Covenant and released an authorized report from an officer serving as an observer with the Khanid forces. "The Imperial Amarr Navy has no hesitation in congratulating our brother officers of the Royal Khanid Navy on their successes against the evil heretics of the Blood Raider Covenant," said Admiral Goum Mimian on behalf of Navy Command. "We [...]

                        BIG Lottery participation sharply down following portal outage

                        • YC111-01-02

                          FRICOURE - BIG Lottery has announced a new portal address following a week of technical difficulties with their previous supplier. The outage heavily impacted BIG Lottery participation numbers, which have fallen to half their normal levels. When asked if the portal downtime has impacted confidence in the lottery TornSoul, CEO of the BIG Corporation, commented: "I'm pretty confident it hasn't affected confidence at all - It's more a case of uncertainty into what is going on. If people are uncertain - [...]