Amarrian Loyalist of the Year Award Winners Announced

New Eden - PIE Inc. recently sent out a call to all Amarrians to nominate the pilots who have done the most for the Empire this past year. These pilots were selected by their peers, as examples of the selfless dedication and devotion to God, Empress, and Empire that is the core of all good Amarrians. The names of the nominees were passed to the members of PIE Inc., who then voted for the capsuleer of their choice.

PIE Inc. CEO, Admiral Rodj Blake , was on hand for the inaugural event to deliver background information on each recipient before announcing their names.

The first award announced, the one of Loyal Servant of the Year, was awarded to a non-Amarrian pilot who was recognized for his efforts on behalf of the Empire. This award went to Nephilim Xeno , who Admiral Blake described as, " exceptional pilot who has demonstrated a willingness to work for the Empire with regard only for the objective at hand." Xeno is a testament to the fact that hard work and dedication to the Empire will be rewarded, regardless of ancestry.

The second award, Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year, was to be awarded to an Amarrian, Khanid, or Ni-Kunni pilot whose efforts had been recognized as instrumental to the advancement of the Empire. This award was handed to another distinguished pilot who has been previously decorated for their service in the Amarr militia forces. According to Admiral Blake, who spoke about her service after joining the militia, "...[she has] proved herself not only to be a capable combat pilot but also an excellent fleet commander, running many successful operations..." PIE Inc. recognized Jodie Amille as Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year.

For their achievements, the winning capsuleers received Navy Issue warships from PIE Inc. Nephilim Xeno received a Navy Issue Omen, while Jodie Amille was awarded a Navy Issue Apocalypse.

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