Goonswarm Capitals Clash Over .-A-. Control Tower in GHZ

GHZ-SJ - Earlier today the GoonSwarm capital fleet suffered a blow after clashing with forces allied to Against ALL Authorities. The GoonSwarm fleet was engaged in an operation to destroy an .-A-. control tower in GHZ-SJ that they had previously put into reinforced, when they were mauled by the incoming fleet of defenders.

The site of the support fleet engagement in GHZ.

The .-A-. forces launched an assault on the capitals after successfully suppressing the GoonSwarm support fleet at the RIT-A7 gate in GHZ-SJ. However, they were unable to reach the control tower before the GoonSwarm dreadnaughts destroyed it.

The loss of the control tower did not dampen the resolve of .-A-. and their allies, as they were presented with the chance to destroy a large number of enemy capital ships. The opportunity for retaliation was not wasted, as they succeeded in adding 20 GoonSwarm dreadnaughts to the 170 support ships that were destroyed previously.

Against ALL Authorities was assisted by several alliances and corporations including Band of Brothers, Stain Empire, and RED.OverLord.

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