Chribbas Second LoveQuest *IN PROGRESS*

Amarr - 20 th December 110 - LoveQuest 2008

At 19:00 EST on the above date, one of New Edens most famous citizens, Chribba , started his second annual LoveQuest.

The LoveQuest consisted of five events spread out over the evening. The five events were:

Event 1 : Speed Race 1, a race from A-Z going via waypoints to see who can get to the end first.

Event 2 : Speed Race 2, more of the same if there are any competitors left from the first race.

Event 3 : Carebears Love, who can deliver the most ore to Chribba within a set time period.

Event 4 : POS Siege, destruction of a tower required. Due to the nature of this event it was held in a low security system.

Event 5 : Free the loot, grab and escape with what you can.

The event was very well attended, with over 200 capsuleers taking part in total across the five contests. All the contestants and spectators agreed that this was one of the events of 110 and they are looking forward to the next LoveQuest event held by Chribba.

Billions of ISK of prizes were won during the events including a Low-Grade Slave Set with Omega implant, an Orca, Hulk, Ares, Nightmare, Nemesis, Manticore, various faction modified ships modules and hundreds of regular modules.

After the event Chribba said "I wish to thank you all for participating in this years LoveQuest, unfortunately it did not turn out exactly as planned. However, personally I think it turned out quite well."

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