House Rigel Holds Its First Race of the New Year

Nonni - 9 th January 111 - Caldari space saw an impressive display of skill, courage, and even some carnage, as capsuleers at the House of Rigel frigate race crossed space on a track named 'Inferno'.

For a 1 million ISK entry fee, pilots from all over New Eden put their names and ships on the line in a competition that was designed to be about skill and not simply technology. With only Frigate class vessels allowed fitted with nothing but basic modules, pilots were severely limited in the outfitting of their ships.

There were plenty of prizes worth racing for with the top three being;

- 90 million ISK

- a Shadow Serpentis Warp Disruptor anonymously donated

- 10 million ISK courtesy of House Rigel

The track itself had been designed by Julius Rigel and was roughly 240 km in length with 5 turns, one of which was a surprise hairpin that really set the racers on edge. House Rigel places a great deal of importance on the opinions of the racers, using feedback to create ever more exciting tracks.

Laxyr won the day in his Vigil, traveling at speeds in excess of 4,000 km/s and pulling out the stops to bring it all the way home. Out of more than a dozen pilots vying for top position, he was able to efficiently weave through the turns with enough speed and skill to outrun his competitors. In second place was Kirzath with a respectable top speed of 4,141 km/s, the highest in the race flying an Executioner. Third place was won by Stovetop Cookie in a Condor.

Adrena Tirkuni was destroyed by a squad of CONCORD Battleships for reasons unknown, and thus automatically disqualified.

In their announcement pertaining to the competition, House Rigel revealed why they went through all the trouble of setting up such races, stating:

'Why? For fun silly...'

For further information on the House of Rigel frigate races please see this external link

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