Caldari Prime Memorial Commemorates War Dead

Caldari Prime, Luminaire - Every year, Caldari-born pilots gather in orbit around the birth planet of their race to remember those who died in the orbital bombardment of the planet during the first Gallente-Caldari war. Caldari Prime This year's memorial was dogged by controversy in the days leading up to the event following public statements by its organiser, Gorion Wassenar. Previously CEO of Tsurokigaarai - a Caldari State loyalist corporation, Mr Wassenar has recently become a Freecaptain of Stimulus, a transhumanist corporation.

"And so another year has come and [passed]. Much has occurred this year that is painfully relevant to the yearly memorial to the dead of the Caldari people's past war of Independence. Now, just as then, the phantom of war has grasped the Gallente and Caldari people and much sorrow and bloodshed has been wrought.

"This time the Caldari have no noble ambitions of independence, survival or self-determination. Naked ambition, blind patriotism and the lust for power and empire are the only companions of the Caldari Fleet in Gallente space.

"This year we shall also mourn the loss of the great and noble virtues that the people of the Caldari State once held dear."

This statement caused a furor among Caldari pilots, from lifelong State Loyalists to Caldari-born Guristas. After long discussion on the Intergalactic Summit, it was agreed to make the memorial apolitical.

Pilots gather for the MemorialFreecaptain Wassenar started proceedings with thanks to those in attendance and those who had expressed their wishes on IGS.

"We're here today to pay homage to the lives lost so long ago and those whom war has consumed in the current conflict," he stated. "I was going to make a very political statement at this point but due to many expressions to say otherwise and the consul of some [whose opinions I hold in high regard], I will not. So I will simply say this. We could have done better."

The floor then opened for speakers - many of the addresses were far briefer than in previous years. Ellspeth Murdron, attending in only her capsule, led the speakers with a simple expression of her gladness to be present and thanks to all attending.

John Tanashima, the former CEO of Ekchuah Incorporated, followed.

"I usually do not make public speeches, but as I am not anymore the CEO of Ekchuah Incorporated, I believe I can speak my mind without diplomatic incidents.

"This year has been eventful. While the new 'organisation' at home has made business difficult for all of us who are not friends of the Provists, it cannot be denied that seeing our home planet returned to us does change the meaning of this memorial. For the first time, I come here to pray without anger and the wish of revenge. For that, and only that, I can say that I thank the Provisionnal Authority."

Memorial processionPilots then drew their ships into parade lines for a ceremonial procession past the old station ruins, high in orbit over the icy planet below. The period of silent contemplation lasted some 10 minutes until the last of the ships had passed.

William Ytiri of YTiRi Retail then spoke.

"Patriotism, Provists and Politics. We all have different reasons to be here at this very moment. I have the privilege to represent my family here. I have the privilege to be in the presence of the spirits of my forefathers that gave their lives here. For they may be kind to judge us, their children; for they may give us strength to hold what is truly ours, their heirs; for we live on the spoils of their profit."

Nathanael Alqenir of Ekuchuah then ordered a salute in closing, and Freecaptain Wassenar turned to the Leviathan above.

"Looks like there will be more to mourn next year."

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