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News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Lights, Camera, Action! : Holoreel Revival?

  • YC110-03-31

    In recent times the prevalence of In Capsule Entertainment systems has led to the gradual decline of communal holoplexes. This may be changing with the release of a number of high profile holoreels which are being distributed to holoplexes by GalNet's Public Holo Service. There have always been a number of private corporate and alliance funded production companies which have dominated the holo market. The decline of the plexes and the pursuant reduction in profits led to costs and overheads being cut [...]

    Rising From The Ashes : The Rebirth Of FireTech

    • YC110-03-30

      Eurgrana - The fires of reformation are dying down, the embers are dwindling and the ashes are settling. FireTech have been reborn. Formed in the year 107, FireTech have most recently been flying under the banner of the Pure. Alliance. The current trend in New Eden is for pilots and corporations to seek out alliances to join in order to gain access to territories, infrastructure and protection. FireTech have now decided to be the exception to this rule and have decided to leave Pure. and strike out on [...]

      Alliance Tournament Still Inspiring Pod Pilots

      • YC110-03-27

        Although it has been almost a month since Alliance Tournament V ended, many enterprising promoters are still trying to sell the glamor and excitement of the matched combat experience. Mini-tournaments and group combat operation opportunities are popping up everywhere in New Eden. Participation in the Alliance Tournament is often thought of as a dream by many pod pilots who lack the means to take part in it themselves. Malicious Blender felt that young pilots in less established corporations should [...]

        Insurgency: A Stabilizing Force in the North?

        • YC110-03-26

          Over the last six months Insurgency has carved out a small piece of the North gaining four stations. The 1,400 member alliance took these stations from the New Northern Coalition consisting of several alliances including Phoenix Allianz, Stella Polar, Majesta Empire, Guardian Federation, and Rare Faction. The question being asked now by many of Insurgency's new neighbors is whether or not Insurgency will be a stabilizing or a destabilizing force in the North. Neighbors like Triumvirate., Morsus Mihi, [...]

          Miners Strike Out at JihadSwarm

          • YC110-03-24

            Almost a month ago, ISD Argooros Ployon published a story about GoonSwarm’s “JihadSwarm”; GoonSwarm’s attack on the mining community of New Eden. Since that story was reported, TeddyBr FTW, a self professed miner and industrialist, has called on the mining community to band together and resist the JihadSwarm in a manner best suited for their nature; by hiring mercenary corporations to target GoonSwarm pilots throughout New Eden. With a steady flow of donations coming in, TeddyBr has placed contracts [...]

            Tournament Wager Leads to Act of Charity

            • YC110-03-24

              Many billions of isk were wagered on this year’s final of the Alliance Tournament. Most of those wagers were placed for personal gain, but Seor Engis and his [AURA] Alliance decided to make a difference in the lives of those without such deep pockets. “We were only a few people [in the alliance] actively watching and discussing that evening and none of us felt like making huge bets. Normally I don't bet on things I can't influence, but we agreed the winner should donate the money to charity.” As talk [...]

              Interstellar Gaming Consortium: Racing League Season V

              • YC110-03-21

                Season five of this exciting racing competition is due to start this month. Teams from all over New Eden enter into this prestigious event in the hopes of being crowned champions of the league and individual racers also have the opportunity to be crowned champion in their respective ship class. A season consists of around ten races held in different regions of the cluster, plus some exhibition races. This season the races are being held in The Bleak Lands, The Citadel, Derelik, Essence, Everyshore, [...]

                Alliance Championship gambling debt leads to sickening discovery

                • YC110-03-18

                  Reports are coming in of a sickening discovery in the Domain region. Two Bestowers, seemingly abandoned at the Narai III - Moon 1 - Ardishapur Family Bureau, were boarded yesterday by company officials after they received an anonymous tip off that there were people trapped on board without food or water. After they had forced entry, the station workers were horrified to discover scenes of immeasurable human suffering. Jaghard Fulgamon, the station manager, had this to say; “The stench was overpowering [...]

                  An interview with Midna - part 1

                  • YC110-03-14

                    The other day, I had the extreme pleasure to sit down with the latest hot button of controversy in the Gallente Federation, Midna. We talked about her album, her surprising return to the top of the Egonics charts, and the rumors of her connection to the Blood Raiders. Through the entire thing, she was gracious, engaging, and completely open. The only thing she asked was that the entire interview be presented, so that no misquoting could occur. Here it is: --- Kang: Hello, Ms. Lyre. It's a pleasure to [...]

                    An interview with Midna - part 2

                    • YC110-03-14

                      Kang: So you were recruited as an addict? Midna: Recruited sounds bad, doesn't it? I wasn't really recruited. Father Saudius never asked me for anything. He never said, "Midna, if you leave, you're going to Hell" or "You're not allowed to go" or anything like that. He just helped me get over my addiction. He helped me get clean. And when I was, he didn't ask me to stay. He just said he was happy to see I was alright. But I came back the next day. And every day after that. Kang: Where do you think [...]

                      -MUFF Leaves Electus Matari, Executors' Marriage on the Rocks

                      • YC110-03-14

                        Pator - The Republic capsuleer community was abuzz the past week with the news on 24 February that the Minmatar United Freedom Front, a founding member of Electus Matari, would be leaving the alliance by the end of the week. According to -MUFF CEO Meklon, the corporation came to the conclusion that it was “finally move forward to new goals which, unfortunately, cannot be reached within the current political and operational structure used by Electus Matari.” However, rumors persist that [...]

                        Following the Crews: Aftermath

                        • YC110-03-10

                          Rozalin Fuma and her gunnery crew survived the first weekend of the Alliance Tournament. She was not so lucky in the second weekend. On the first day of the second weekend of tournament matches, the ship that Rozalin manned went down near the beginning of the match, ending in the death of five hundred crewmen, including Rozalin. The call to evacuate the ship went out as soon as it began taking damage to its structural integrity. As Rozalin directed her crew to the escape pods and survival suits, an [...]

                          Alliance Tournament V : Day Six : The Final

                          • YC110-03-09

                            Welcome to Day Six of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Here is the result and review of the final match of the day. The Final Match 95: Ev0ke Vs Triumvirate. It was an absolutely epic clash in the final, with both teams coming out hard and going blow for blow, right down to the last ship. Ev0ke: Harbinger | Curse | 6 Ruptures | Vigil Triumvirate.: 3 Megathrons | Caldari Navy Hookbill | 2 Maulus | 4 Griffins Early on in the fight Ev0ke sent a swarm of ECM over towards Triumvirate., looking as if they [...]

                            Alliance Tournament V : Day Six : The Quarter and Semi-Finals

                            • YC110-03-09

                              Welcome to Day Six of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Here are the results and reviews of the next six matches of the day. The Quarter-Finals Match 89: Notoriety Alliance Vs Cry Havoc. Notoriety arrived on the field once again in Sansha ships, with Cry Havoc. also falling back on their tried and tested Dominix formation. Notoriety Alliance: 2 Scimitars | 3 Phantasms | 2 Sentinels | Rifter Cry Havoc.: 3 Dominix | Guardian Focusing hard on Guardian, Notoriety tried to force their way into an early win. [...]

                              Alliance Tournament V : Group Summaries

                              • YC110-03-09

                                The fifth and final day of group competition is over. From this point on the Alliance Tournament will consist of single elimination matches. Before those matches take place we look back on the Group portion of the tournament. Group A Molotov Coalition and The Kadeshi will move on from this group to the match tournament. Molotov Coalition won this group handily with 504 points and a 3-1 win/loss record. On the final day of group competition second place was still in question as The Star Fraction and [...]

                                Alliance Tournament V : Day Five : Matches 65-72

                                • YC110-03-08

                                  Welcome to Day Five of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Here are the initial results and reviews of the first eight matches of the day. Match 65: The Star Fraction Vs The Kadeshi The Kadeshi come away with a points loss, still managing to knock The Star Fraction out of a finals placement and securing themselves a spot instead. The Star Fraction: 5 Cerberus | 5 Griffins The Kadeshi: 4 Vagabonds | Fleet Issue Stabber | Keres | Kitsune | Vigil With the two team formations staring each other down at the [...]

                                  Alliance Tournament V : Day Four : Matches 57-64

                                  • YC110-03-07

                                    Welcome to Day Four of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Continuing our rundown of the matches from day four, we now bring you a review of the last eight matches of the day. Match 57: Triumvirate. Vs The Church. The two top teams in Group E battled it out in what was a slow grind match. The eventual winner was Triumvirate., securing their place as the leader of Group E. Triumvirate.: 2 Basilisks | Curse | Rook | Ishtar | Griffin The Church.: Maelstrom | Abaddon | Rook | Celestis | 2 Maulus | 4 Griffin [...]

                                    Alliance Tournament V : Day Four : Matches 49-56

                                    • YC110-03-07

                                      Welcome to Day Four of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Here are the initial results and reviews of the first eight matches of the day. Match 49: Blood Blind Vs When Fat Kids Attack An "exhibition match" between the two teams at the bottom of the group who agreed to restrict themselves entirely to out and out combat. Blood Blind came away with their first victory of the tournament against FATTY and made it a decisive one too, claiming a totalhelldeath victory. Blood Blind: 2 Drake | 3 Harbinger | [...]

                                      Alliance Tournament V : News Coverage Portal

                                      • YC110-03-07

                                        Welcome to the Fifth Alliance Tournament news portal in association with the Interstellar Correspondents. Here you will find all our coverage related the this years event. Note: This portal was designed for use with in capsule entertainment device technologies. If you have the luxury of a station GalNet viewer you canCLICK HERE for an enhanced version. The above station link is also the location for the Official Tournament Documents / Announcements Thank you for visiting. Match reviews Day Six : The [...]

                                        Alliance Tournament V : The 14B ISK Match

                                        • YC110-03-07

                                          It seems that with this year’s tournament, sometimes winning isn’t enough. For some, you need to rub the face of your detractors in it too, to the tune of billions. Such is the nature of the latest frenzied betting that has exploded on GalNet since the Matari commentator Calmdown made derogatory remarks about the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate. The current amount wagered between all parties sits at a whopping 14 billion ISK. Spurned by his comments made across live holo-vision to thousands of [...]

                                          Following the Crews: Victory and Death

                                          • YC110-03-05

                                            Victory and defeat. Life and death. For the crews of spaceships, these things are forever intertwined. And on this weekend of the alliance tournament, Shin Anko sadly came face to face with the later two. The stealth bomber Shin Anko manned was destroyed during the first day of the alliance tournament. He did not survive the explosion. The ship's black box, recovered by tournament organizers following the match, reveals his final moments. As the ship he manned came under fire, Shin furiously attempted [...]

                                            Alliance Tournament V : Day Three : Matches 41-48

                                            • YC110-03-02

                                              Welcome to Day Three of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Continuing our rundown of the matches from day three, we now bring you a review of the last eight matches of the day. Match 41: Triumvirate. Vs Exa Nation Triumvirate. came out strong with yet another win, brutally slicing through their opponents and claiming another totalhelldeath win. Triumvirate.: 2 Abaddon | 2 Guardians | Vigil | Griffin Exa Nation: Myrmidon | 2 Ishtars | 2 Rooks | Vexor Both Rooks fell rapidly from the beginning of the fight, [...]

                                              Alliance Tournament V : Day Three : Matches 33-40

                                              • YC110-03-01

                                                Welcome to Day Three of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Here are the initial results and reviews of the first eight matches of the day. Match 33: Blood Blind Vs The Star Fraction Another loss for Blood Blind and a much-needed win for the revolutionaries of SF. Blood Blind: 3 Tempest | 3 Rifters | 4 Maulus The Star Fraction: 5 Deimos | 5 Griffin With both teams starting at close range it looked as if it would be a brutal slugfest and that it was. SF came out strong and disciplined, dropping multiple [...]

                                                Alliance Tournament V : Day Two : Matches 25-32

                                                • YC110-03-01

                                                  The second day of the Fifth Alliance Tournament is now behind us. Continuing our rundown of the matches from day two, we now bring you a review of the last eight matches. Match 25: Triumvirate. Vs The Fourth District It was another solid performance from Triumvirate. and another totalhelldeath for them, placing them in a strong position in their group and putting them next to the Green Alliance in terms of performance so far. Triumvirate.: 2 Megathrons | 2 Onieros | 2 Griffins The Fourth District: [...]

                                                  Alliance Tournament V : Day Two : Matches 17-24

                                                  • YC110-03-01

                                                    Welcome to Day Two of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Here are the initial results and reviews of the first eight matches. Match 17: Blood Blind Vs Molotov Coalition A second win and a totalhelldeath marked what has become an impressive showing by Molotov Coalition in this year’s tournament. Blood Blind: Armageddon | Scorpion | Huginn | Curse | Arbitrator Molotov Coalition: 2 Armageddons | 2 Guardians | 2 Punishers With the a Curse dropping almost instantly, it looked over from the beginning for the [...]