Alliance Tournament V : The 14B ISK Match

It seems that with this year’s tournament, sometimes winning isn’t enough. For some, you need to rub the face of your detractors in it too, to the tune of billions. Such is the nature of the latest frenzied betting that has exploded on GalNet since the Matari commentator Calmdown made derogatory remarks about the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate. The current amount wagered between all parties sits at a whopping 14 billion ISK.

Spurned by his comments made across live holo-vision to thousands of capsuleers, proud Amarrian and IAC leader Tyrrax Thorrk called the Matari commentator on his observations – demanding he “put his money where his mouth is”. Offering to place a two billion ISK wager on winning the next match against Cosa Nostra., Thorrk invited Calmdown to match her offer. One he has so far refused to see her on. In spite of this, the current amount wagered by other parties now sits at a jaw dropping seven billion ISK, an amount equaled by Thorrk.

“I'm serious about the bet and I know Calmdown can afford it. If he doesn't have the cahones to stand by his ‘expert’ opinion perhaps one of you other fine gentlemen will rise to the challenge?” goaded Thorrk, when no response from the Matari has arrived after some time. It wasn’t long until another wealthy pod pilot, in this instance, Triumvirate.’s Jovius Marginus, stepped forward to bet against IAC’s success. He first wagered five billion ISK and then later topped it off casually with another two. At the time of writing he is still opening his wallet to more contenders.

Many capsuleers wasted little time in mocking Tyrrax, who has something of a mixed history regarding the payment of betting debts owed. A large number of them pointed to the unsettled debt she owed to Pilk of Axiom Empire from a bet made long ago, one which Thorrk once explained was unpaid due to Pilk’s “rather distasteful actions.”

This has all changed in the last day however, and Thorrk has promised to not only use a third party (in this case, the ever-reliable Chribba – who has since confirmed he will act as the middle man) but also repay Pilk’s debt in the process, regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s match. It wasn’t until these promises were made that Marginus stopped mocking her himself and stepped up to the betting plate.

The Amarr Certified News, who is covering this year’s tournament for the planetary masses, ran the story under the headline “Bigger than BIG”. It was a reference to the betting run this year by TornSoul, which despite having seen multiple billions of ISK wagered has been utterly dwarfed by this latest round of gambling. It has indeed been a big day of betting so far, with some losing huge amounts on backed favorites that never made it, and others simply losing out for betting at all. It’s not all bad news however. The recent scandals and now this latest wager amongst capsuleers has drawn record interest in the tournament.

“This is what we like to see,” said Reisha Aiokla, a Deteis bookkeeper currently working the crowds at a large spectators stadium on Urlen I. “Pride and prestige are obviously important, but it’s the huge betting between the eggers that really draws the Caldari crowds here…and lures them into making some hefty wagers themselves, of course.”

Stay tuned tomorrow, as the Interstellar Correspondents and Eve TV bring you the latest live coverage across the GalNet and holo-vision mediums. No matter which way it goes, the seventh fight of the day between IAC and Cosa Nostra. is no doubt sure to entertain.

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