Miners Strike Out at JihadSwarm

Almost a month ago, ISD Argooros Ployon published a story about GoonSwarm’s “JihadSwarm”; GoonSwarm’s attack on the mining community of New Eden. Since that story was reported, TeddyBr FTW, a self professed miner and industrialist, has called on the mining community to band together and resist the JihadSwarm in a manner best suited for their nature; by hiring mercenary corporations to target GoonSwarm pilots throughout New Eden.

With a steady flow of donations coming in, TeddyBr has placed contracts with the mercenary corporations R.E.P.O. and TNT. A third mercenary corporation may be hired if contributions continue to come in. TeddyBr reports that the mercenaries have inflicted over 12 billion isk worth of damage on the JihadSwarmists. Although this is a far cry from the number of destroyed mining ships reported by JihadSwarm leader Karttoon, TeddyBr still considers this a great start and says: “We miners are getting ‘our pound of ship’”.

TeddyBr believes that the reimbursement policy at Pend Insurance and the Secure Commerce Commission needs to be changed. He feels that insurance payouts to JihadSwarmists are an insult to the miners and a slap in the face to CONCORD. Although he fears that many of the miners being attacked may put down their mining lasers and retreat to the safety of terrestrial living, he hopes that the more resolute miners will hold their ground and continue to provide donations to the mercenary effort. TeddyBr dismisses the entire "holy" premise that the JihadSwarm has sworn to. He feels that the JihadSwarm is nothing but a publicity stunt by GoonSwarm to hold the record of the longest running slaughter of the innocent.

Karttoon, leader of the JihadSwarm, tells us that: “We have already inflicted over 150 billion ISK of damage on the infidels. The intelligent have chosen to heed my message and vacate to the unholy land, while the remaining will continue to be destroyed and at random... podded. I’ve witnessed systems defiled by more than 60 miners at a time emptied in a matter of weeks. We have limitless numbers willing to sacrifice everything... although there may be decreased activity on occasions, plans are in place to ensure we have enough bodies to detonate on the infidels indefinitely.” (Karttoon’s reference to the “unholy land” is the unofficial formation of a safe haven for miners in any of the systems claimed by the Minmatar Empire. Full text of the notice can be found in the link at the end of this article.)

Karttoon is not too concerned with the mercenary activity and also had this to say about donors to TeddBr’s cause: “The GoonSwarm GIA has obtained a list of miners who have donated, and an internal reward will be placed on the continued destruction of their ships and pods unless penance is paid.” (Penance consists of a 100 million isk payment and apology letter sent directly to Karttoon).

TeddyBr FTW's original call to miners for action