Alliance Championship gambling debt leads to sickening discovery

Reports are coming in of a sickening discovery in the Domain region. Two Bestowers, seemingly abandoned at the Narai III - Moon 1 - Ardishapur Family Bureau, were boarded yesterday by company officials after they received an anonymous tip off that there were people trapped on board without food or water.

After they had forced entry, the station workers were horrified to discover scenes of immeasurable human suffering. Jaghard Fulgamon, the station manager, had this to say; “The stench was overpowering when our teams got on board. I have never seen such disgusting sights. People of all ages and gender crammed in together, without food or water, heat or light. All of them were showing signs of dehydration and starvation, and many had already died. Onboard one of the ships, the dead had been piled up in one cargo compartment, two hundred or so naked bodies in the final stages of emaciation. Our teams had to wear respirators and biohazard suits to enable them to do their work.”

The ships were registered to Mastuk Rinmumi, a trader of poor reputation. When we contacted him, he had this to say: “These ships and their cargo no longer belong to me. I handed over ownership to Edophia Agmarn almost a week ago. How he treats his property is no concern of mine, although I am upset that he seems to have forgotten to re-register the ships. It means that I will undoubtedly be picking up the docking bay fees.”

When we spoke to Agmarn he revealed that the ships and the slaves on board were the winnings from a bet he had with Rinmuni, although he had refused to take them as payment. “We had a wager on the outcome of the Hydra Alliance versus Notoriety Alliance fight in the Alliance Championships. When Hydra won the match, Rinmuni was supposed to deliver ten thousand males, in good health and of good stock, to my compound in Boranai. He didn’t deliver, and when I received a message telling me where they were, I sent one of my agents to inspect them. As you can see, he has not met his side of the wager, and I refuse to accept that the debt has been settled. This is not my property, and this is not my problem. Rinmuni still owes me my ten thousand males.”

Upon discovery, the station authorities immediately contacted the Servant Sisters of Eve, a humanitarian organisation with experience in providing disaster relief throughout New Eden. “This exemplifies everything that is wrong with the slave trade." Sister Herrie Tierremont spoke out. "It is clear that these people have been kept in poor conditions before they were transported here. The victims have injuries caused by weeks and in some cases, years, of neglect.” “They have been treated worse than animals. A full portfolio of these crimes against humanity has been prepared and I will be delivering it to the Theology Council. I understand that Slaving is legal in the Empire, but there are rules and regulations imposed by Amarrian Law. It is clear that these basic rules have not been met.” She added that she hoped the survivors would be repatriated to the Minmatar Republic once they were fit enough to travel.

A Theology Council spokesman promised they would look into the matter. “It is not for the Sisters of Eve to tell us what the Laws say. If the evidence is presented to us, we will investigate. The penalty for mistreating any of God’s creatures is high. As Amarrians, it is our sacred duty to take care of the animals we are put in charge of.”