Alliance Tournament V : Day Three : Matches 33-40

Welcome to Day Three of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Here are the initial results and reviews of the first eight matches of the day.

Match 33: Blood Blind Vs The Star Fraction

Another loss for Blood Blind and a much-needed win for the revolutionaries of SF.

Blood Blind: 3 Tempest | 3 Rifters | 4 Maulus
The Star Fraction: 5 Deimos | 5 Griffin

With both teams starting at close range it looked as if it would be a brutal slugfest and that it was. SF came out strong and disciplined, dropping multiple support ships almost immediately before moving on to the Tempests. By the time their first Deimos and Griffin were down they’d removed almost all support and taken the first Tempest into low armor. Clever target calling and some capacitor warfare in the shape of nosferatu fitted to their Deimos saw them cut the Tempests quickly down with ease.

Match 34: When Fat Kids Attack Vs The Kadeshi

A slow and arduous fight for both teams, who fielded and were up against strong logistics chains. The Kadeshi came away with a win against some resilient opponents.

When Fat Kids Attack: 3 Dominix | Hugin | Griffin
The Kadeshi: Megathron | Dominix | 2 Guardians | Crow

It was another match with a close-range start this time; both teams sitting near one another and blasting away immediately. Early on The Kadeshi removed an opposition Griffin, making good use of their Crow. From there the fight slowed down, with a stalemate between both teams forming. After a few minutes however, Ovek’s Dominix began to slip deeper towards hull as The Kadeshi continued to apply pressure.

FATTY clung on, throwing as much damage and capacitor neutralization at their enemies as they could. In the face of some solid logistics piloting however, The Kadeshi never really looked under threat. Despite a resilient tanking session, Ovek’s Dominix eventually fell and from there it was all over – a points win for The Kadeshi as time was called.

Match 35: Hydra Alliance Vs SMASH Alliance

A slow but sure win from Hydra – with both sides fielding barely any major damage-dealers and playing it safe.

Hydra Alliance: 2 Guardians | Curse | Rook | 2 Thorax
SMASH Alliance: 3 Scorpion | Guardian

Despite some early damage on the Rook, neither side managed to dish out any decent damage and a stalemate quickly formed. For a long time it looked as if the only casualties from the match would be a mass of Hydra drones – obliterated by some mid-match smartbombing from SMASH.

Despite this, late in the match their own Guardian came under threat from the Rook and Curse and after a long amount of damage from the enemy Thorax, it went down. From there, two more Scorpions fell just before time was called.

Match 36: Notoriety Alliance Vs Synchr0nicity

Another extremely strong showing by Notoriety who wielded the same devastating combination of Sansha ships. They join the equally-promising Green Alliance as a team with two wins and two totalhelldeaths.

Notoriety Alliance: 3 Phantasm | Scimitar | 2 Moa | Cruor | Sentinel
Synchr0nicity: 2 Megathron | 2 Guardian | Crusader

With their Crusader removed by support immediately and their Guardian primaried by the alpha-heavy Notoriety team, it looked grim from the beginning for Synchr0nicity. Their first Guardian fell rapidly under the savage fire from the Sansha vessels and the rest of the team collapsed quickly afterwards. A resounding lesson to anyone who thinks wielding the dual-logistics setup is a guaranteed win.

Match 37: Pandemic Legion Vs Mercenary Coalition

Both teams fielded similar formations in this highly-anticipated match up – sporting differing variations on the common dual-logistics setup. Pandemic came away with a win, making good use of their Curse to break past their opponents logistics chain.

Pandemic Legion: Armageddon | 2 Guardians | Curse | Vexor Navy Issue
Mercenary Coalition: 2 Dominix | 2 Guardians | Malediction

MC’s Malediction was an early casualty of the match, leaving what first seemed like yet another stalemate. Under threat from the cap neutralization of the Curse however, Zakma’s Guardian slowly started to fall. MC made the tactical decision to clear the drones threatening the Guardian, using smartbombs at close range to it. Zakma’s Guardian held on bravely but eventually fell as the Vexor Navy Issue closed the distance and dropped some additional turret fire.

Pandemic made a play for the totalhelldeath win; sending the Curse off to chase the Guardian as its teammates finished the Dominix. With the Guardian in deep armor, they almost grabbed it before time was called.

Match 38: Ethereal Dawn Vs Brutally Clever Empire

Ethereal Dawn pulled ahead of their group with a decisive victory against Bruce.

Ethereal Dawn: Scorpion | 2 Drakes | Basilisk | Cerberus
Brutally Clever Empire: Basilisk | Drake | 2 Cerberus | 2 Crows | Kitsune | 2 Griffins

Almost instantly as the fight began, Bruce were losing support vessels. First to go was a Kitsune, soon followed by its two Griffin companions. For a few moments it looked like the fighting would slow down but under some heavy fire, the Bruce Basilisk dipped quickly into low shields and caved. Next were the Cerberus and Drake, leaving only the two Crows. Under some intense missile fire, the first crow fell but the second was able to maintain enough velocity and easily dodged the rain of missiles and pursuant drones. A thorough victory from Ethereal Dawn who were denied the totalhelldeath.

Match 39: Cosa Nostra. Vs The Crimson Federation

A victorious outcome once again for Cosa Nostra. who pulled out a good win against The Crimson Federation.

Cosa Nostra.: 2 Abaddon | Megathron | Dramiel | Rifter | Maulus | 4 Griffins
The Crimson Federation: Abaddon | Dominix | Raven | 2 Crucifiers | 2 Maulus | 2 Griffins

With masses of frigates on either side it looked as if a lot of ships would be going down. Both teams targeted Battleships to begin with however. Crimson’s Dominix was made primary and dropped rapidly in exchange for some heavy damage on their opposition’s Megathron. Next to fall was the Crimson’s Raven, taking heavy damage from the lasers of the Abaddons.

Seeing that they only had a few moments left before it was all over, Crimson Federation took out a Griffin to deny their opponents a totalhelldeath, and almost followed it with a Megathron kill. They died too quickly before they could take it down however, and the Cosa Nostra. Megathron remained on the battlefield at the end, deep into structure.

Match 40: Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate Vs Blade.

IAC walked away with a victory thanks to their opponents ships leaving the arena.

Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate: 2 Basilisks | Drake | 4 Moas
Blade.: 2 Basilisks | Curse | 4 Manticores | Taranis

During the opening of the fight it was an incredibly even match; both sides testing the abilities of their opposing logistics pilots. For a moment it looked as if IAC were about to lose a Basilisk but some rapid support from Tyrrax saved it with around 90% hull left to go.

The stalemate resumed up until Blade shot themselves in the foot, with one Basilisk drifting outside the Arena and facing the wrath of game officials. Another Basilisk of theirs disappeared just as rapidly, this time under fire from the IAC Moas. The majority of the rest of the team dropped fast, with yet another ship leaving the arena. Proxay from Blade however, denied IAC their much-needed totalhelldeath victory with some evasive maneuvers in his Taranis.

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