Alliance Tournament V : Day Four : Matches 57-64

Welcome to Day Four of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Continuing our rundown of the matches from day four, we now bring you a review of the last eight matches of the day.

Match 57: Triumvirate. Vs The Church.

The two top teams in Group E battled it out in what was a slow grind match. The eventual winner was Triumvirate., securing their place as the leader of Group E.

Triumvirate.: 2 Basilisks | Curse | Rook | Ishtar | Griffin
The Church.: Maelstrom | Abaddon | Rook | Celestis | 2 Maulus | 4 Griffin

With a slow start, the two teams went head to head. After several minutes of probing each others defences Triumvirate managed to kill a Maulus and 2 Griffins before focusing fire on the Celestis. With Triumvirate. taking heavy logistics damage, they took down the Celestis and the last of the frigate support.

Minutes later the last of The Church.’s EWAR was destroyed allowing Triumvirate. to focus fire on the Abaddon, and get the Maelstrom heavily damaged before time was called and they were awarded the win. A slow fight, but a clear victory for Triumvirate.

Match 58: United Corporations Against Macros Vs The Fourth District

With The Fourth District needing two strong performances to be able to try and qualify, they delivered with a totalhelldeath victory.

United Corporations Against Macros: Nighthawk | Ishtar | Sacrilege | Sabre | 2 Retributions | Griffin | Punisher | Ishkur | Nemesis
The Fourth District: Raven | 4 Drakes

The Fourth District flooded the arena with drones and missles as they began dispatching the team of United Corporations Against Macros. Damage rained down on one of their Drakes, but The Fourth District never showed any strain as they systematically brought down the enemy. A clean and decisive victory once more proved the efficiency of Caldari design.

Match 59: DeStInY. Vs Ev0ke

DeStInY needed to win to ensure they held the second place in Group F; their eventual loss to Ev0ke meant that it's not guaranteed they will make it into the elimination stage.

DeStInY.: 2 Megathrons | 2 Curses | 3 Griffons
Ev0ke: Harbinger | Curse | 6 Ruptures | Vigil

With both teams unleashing numerous drones, the fight started aggressively. As the Megathrons of DeStInY got into position, Ev0ke were able to neutralize all their Griffins before focusing fire on the first Megathron. Ev0ke lost a Curse to the firepower of the Megathrons, but then the first battleship fell from the focused fire.

As the fight progressed, DeStInY spread fire across the Ev0ke team, but the second battleship fell before Ev0ke lost their first Rupture. Then with the last force recon of DeStInY outnumbered and out gunned, Ev0ke secured the win.

Match 60: The Five Vs Divine 0rder

After DeStInY's loss to Ev0ke, both teams were fighting to try and still qualify in second place. After a brutal exhibition, it was Divine Order that moved up to the top.

The Five: Drake | 7 Caracals | Manticore | Hookbill
Divine 0rder: Bhalgorn | Abaddon | 2 Gaurdians

The match got off to an exciting start as The Five set up to unleash large amounts of damage and Divine Order were flying a small and heavily tanked team. With very little firepower on the side of Divine Order, they still managed to annihilate the Manticore and then disable Caracal after Caracal. At the same time The Five were pouring firepower down upon the Guardians, but the solid logistical setup with the diminishing firepower of the Caracals meant they seriously damaged the ship but could not maintain the assault.

Match 61: GoonSwarm Vs HUN Reloaded

As GoonSwarm were fighting their last fight of the Group, it was very unlikely they would be able to qualify, but HUN Reloaded took the win and could still qualify.

GoonSwarm: 2 Megathrons | 2 Guardians | Taranis
HUN Reloaded: 2 Basilisks | Curse | Rook | 2 Caracals

The fight rolled off to a slow start as the two gangs closed on each other. HUN Reloaded went to work assaulting the logistics ships of GoonSwarm; looking for a hole in their armor as their opponents likewise probed their enemy's defences. The fight intensified several minutes in when HUN Reloaded managed to lock out one of the GoonSwarm Guardians and set about picking it to pieces.

With a hole torn in the defences of GoonSwarm, their Taranis fell next, followed by the second Guardian. The next targets for the attack were the last two battleships which were incapable of harming the opposing Basilisks. It wasn't fast, but both Megathrons succumbed to the onslaught and HUN Reloaded took the totalhelldeath they needed to stay in with a chance of qualifying.

Match 62: United Legion Vs Nebula Rasa

The loser of this fight could potentially not qualify, so both teams gave it everything they had, but there could only be one winner: United Legion.

United Legion: Harbinger | Guardian | Oneiros | Rook | 2 Thorax
Nebula Rasa: Megathron | Dominix | 2 Guardian | Vengeance

The fight began with the Nebula Rasa Guardian taking heavy armour damage. As their logistics saved the Guardian from going down, they countered by hammering on a Thorax and Rook of United Legion. As the minutes passed, the action slowed as neither team could break each others tank. Both teams began hunting for a weakness, killing drones as they worked on making an opening.

After many minutes United Legion managed to brutally rip a Guardian down to the last of its hull. It repaired back the armour quickly but they repeated the assault and it went down. With no support, the second Guardian went down in seconds followed by the Vengeance. The Dominix was next; its hull eventually crumpled leaving United Legion to focus everything onto the Megathron for a totalhelldeath. Now it looks like it's between Nebula Rasa and HUN Reloaded to fight for second place in Group F.

Match 63: Morsus Mihi Vs eXceed.

Morsus Mihi were fighting their last match of the group, so it was looking unlikely they would proceed. But with eXceed. having a game in hand, they needed to perform impressively to still go through. eXceed. delivered with a totalhelldeath.

Morsus Mihi: 2 Basilisks | Nemesis | 2 Hounds | 4 Manticores
eXceed.: 2 Curses | 2 Gaurdians | 2 Mallers

As the match began, a barrage of missiles flew into one of the eXceed. Curses. In turn, eXceed. hammered back at the stealth bombers, but with a strong logistics backup they failed to do lasting damage. Morsus Mihi switched to a Guardian, but the logistics support held up against the high damage.

The fight progressed slowly, but Morsus Mihi broke first, losing one of their Basilisks to the firepower of eXceed.. The second Basilsik followed quickly, no longer receiving support against the damage being dealt.

With Morsus Mihi lacking logistical support, the weak stealth bombers were picked apart. eXceed. attained the totalhelldeath they needed to keep them near the top of Group H.

Match 64: R0ADKILL Vs Ushra'Khan

With Ushra'Khan looking confident to qualify, a surprise victory by R0ADKILL has opened up the top spots of the Group.

R0ADKILL: Megathron | 2 Guardians | Curse | Vexor Navy issue
Ushra'Khan: Hurricane | 2 Thoraxes | 3 Ruptures | 4 Kitsune

The arena filled with drones as the fight began and Ushra'Khan targeted the R0ADKILL Guardian. As they hammered away, R0ADKILL took down one of the Kitsune and damaged multiple ships. The second Kitsune fell and the Guardian finally exploded, but two Thoraxes and a Kitsune followed it fast.

The fight intensified as Ushra'Khan worked on the second Guardian but the onslaught brought down the rest of their Ruptures, leaving the Hurricane and Kitsune to be overwhelmed.