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Federal Senate Hears Testimony on New Cloning Tech from Intelligence Director Blaque

    Villore - Director Mentas Blaque of the FIO testified before the Gallente Federation Senate's Security and Intelligence Committee on the subject of the new "Alpha" cloning technology, this morning. Director Blaque serves as the head of the Federal Intelligence Office, as well as personally overseeing the controversial Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security - more commonly known as the "Black Eagles". Director Blaque testified that, "The new cloning technology we have [...]

    Federation Brands Situation On Oijanen II A Humanitarian Crisis After Release Of Shock Footage

      VILLORE - Comments made by several Senators from Essence and Placid sparked controversy this morning, after the situation in Oijanen was branded a "humanitarian crisis" in a progress report meeting on the ongoing RP4 Kyonoke outbreak in Postouvin. Representatives from the Supreme Court and the Senate's newly formed Kyonoke Oversight Committee were briefed on the ongoing efforts of Poteque Pharmaceuticals, Duvolle Laboratories and Genolution, who remain in constant communication with the quarantined [...]

      Federation Delegation Meeting with Republic Fleet Ordnance Officials and Sanmatar's Military Council

        Matar, Pator System - A delegation from the Gallente Federation is to meet with counterparts in the Republic Fleet Ordnance hierarchy before discussing rising security threats affecting both nations with the Sanmatar's Military Council. Admiral Marin Opelle, head of the Federal Strategic Materiel organization, will meet with General Daviki Rafeyn of Republic Fleet Ordance for talks on sharing survey and extractive techniques data. Of particular note is a tabled session on finalizing rules for the [...]

        Federation Senator Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Acts of Terrorism

          Federation Senator Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Acts of Terrorism Villore, Essence – Outspoken Labor-Populist Senator Thibauld Tailler was expelled from the Senate yesterday, according to official reports. The decision was made by the Senate Disciplinary Committee and confirmed by the Senate following accusations by the Federal Intelligence Office (FIO) that he is a founding member of the terrorist organization "Gallentia Primacy". Tailler's whereabouts are currently unknown. According to Senate [...]

          Federation Under Election Eve Comms Network Attack as Terrorists Target Presidential Candidates

            BREAKING: Luminaire, Essence - The Gallente Federation is under attack. At least three of the leading presidential candidates have been attacked in a series of co-ordinated terrorist strikes. The communications networks of the Federal Administration are heavily disrupted, and several major planets have been virtually blacked out from the FTL net by what appears to be a parallel sequence of network attacks ahead of the Presidential elections. While many accounts are confused or unconfirmed, multiple [...]

            First Expeditions To Stricken Quarantine Zones Occur After Significant Preparation

              POSTOUVIN - The Society of Conscious Thought has confirmed the success of a simultaneous multi-region evidence gathering operation to breach the quarantine zones established around Kyonoke Plague infected sites in Postouvin, Muttokon, Efu and Oijanen. Science teams from across the cluster have moved in to begin to assist with investigative efforts, cataloguing and inspecting the sites, as well as rendering any assistance to the remaining survivors in the locations affected. Initial reports suggest [...]

              Flosewin IV Occupation and Inner Circle Peace Summit Dominate New Year YC122

                Occupation of Floseswin IV Continues as Amarr Forces Regain Control in Key Systems Floseswin, Metropolis - The Amarr military occupation of the southern continental zone of Floseswin IV continues amidst low-intensity fighting on the planet, as difficult weather conditions set in across the southern hemisphere. While Minmatar Republic Fleet space superiority has been regained and maintained due to the efforts of the Tribal Liberation Force and allied capsuleers, and the northern population centers have [...]

                Formation of EDENCOM Announced Following Triglavian Attacks Amidst Capsuleer Day Celebrations

                  Yulai, Genesis - Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir of CONCORD's AEGIS division formally announced the formation of the New Eden Common Defense Initiative (EDENCOM) in a press conference at DED headquarters in Yulai, today. The presser follows a wave of attacks by Triglavian Collective forces against EDENCOM production facilities involved in distributing materiel to capsuleers in conjunction with the Society of Conscious Thought's celebration of Capsuleer Day YC122. Capsuleers have been urged by CONCORD [...]

                  Former SOE Alleges New Cloning Uses Project Discovery and Thera Research; Warns of Drifter Danger

                    Aring, Genesis Region - Former Sister of EVE and Sanctuary scientist Taya Akira, notable for exposing details of the SOE's presence in Thera, has alleged that the new "Alpha" cloning technology recently developed by the SOE combines data from the SOE's Project Discovery, research from the Sanctuary's scientific outposts in Thera, and techniques hitherto unknown to New Eden's scientific community. Speaking exclusively to the Scope, from a secure location in the Aring system, Taya Akira warned that the [...]

                    Founding of Upwell Consortium Announced by Leading Interstellar Corporations

                      YULAI - A group of leading interstellar corporations, comprising Chemal Tech, Eifyr & Co., Intaki Bank, Mordu's Legion, Ytiri and Zoar & Sons, have announced today a special filing with the Secure Commerce Commission to establish a major space industrial concern named "Upwell Consortium". In their release, the founding members of the Upwell Consortium name Yani Sar Arteu, noted industrialist and former owner of the ORE corporation, as the chairman of the Upwell board. The Upwell Consortium is being [...]

                      Gallente Foreign Relations in Campaign Spotlights as Ramnev Declares and Ontbad Visits Minmatar HQ

                        Shaileen Ramnev Announces Presidential Run and Major Campaign Theme from Hueromont on Caldari Prime Luminaire, Essence - Former Arcurio Mayor, and runner-up in the YC117 Gallente presidential elections, Shaileen Ramnev appeared today at a press conference in Hueromont to announce her candidacy in this year's election and address the future of Caldari Prime as a major plank of her campaign. "I can confirm that I am a candidate for the President of the Gallente Federation," announced Ramnev. "Standing [...]

                        Gallente Human Rights Activists Slam Chief Executive Panel And Senate After Oijanen Footage Shows Mass Protest

                          VILLORE - A number of Federal human rights groups have criticised the Caldari State's handling of the Kyonoke Plague outbreak in Oijanen, after unauthorized footage released today showed mass protests outside the quarantine nanoshield dome that was placed over the city of Myrskaa almost a month ago. The Gallente Humanist League, Federal Humane Foundation and Gallente Humanist Association staged their own protests outside the Senate chamber today, after it was revealed that an unknown number of [...]

                          General Akuras to Oversee Legion Forces on Caldari Prime

                            Yesterday, Mordu's Legion Command forces on Caldari Prime underwent an abrupt change in leadership. The shift comes as part of an overall new focus by the Legion prompted by their continuing involvement in the Upwell Consortium, which continues to employ large numbers of Mordu's troops for installation and colony security roles. The changes directly affected the mercenary detachment on Caldari Prime, previously under the leadership of Strike Commander Tsuni Aina. Recently promoted Brigadier General [...]

                            Genolution Confirms Kyonoke Outbreak In Efu; Gives Details On Containment

                              EFU - In the last hour, the Society of Conscious Thought have confirmed both their rumored contact with Genolution regarding events in Efu, and further details on the containment situation on board the Genolution biotech production facility. In a press conference hosted from on board the station, SoCT Elder Mentor Matshi Raish confirmed the presence of the Kyonoke Plague on all nine decks that have been sealed off, remarking that the action was "absolutely necessary to prevent further spread of the [...]

                              Genolution Station Cleanup Concludes - Labs To Re-open In May

                                EFU - Genolution have confirmed that a seven day clean-up operation has concluded this afternoon, with all labs on board their biotech production facility in orbit of the system's fifth planet now confirmed to be clear of the Kyonoke Plague. The operation began with a 48 hour purge of the three affected decks, which was initiated on April 14th before decontamination teams moved in to complete a five day long clear out of more than 370,000 bodies of those lost to the plague since the area was [...]

                                Governor of Ammatar Mandate Elevated to Holder Rank; Ardishapur and Sarum Houses Hold Summit Amidst Ceremonies

                                  Lord Ekroz Salaf of Jabruan Becomes First Ammatar Raised to Imperial Nobility Tanoo, Derelik - Celebrations erupted throughout the Ammatar Mandate today, after Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur declared that Governor Ekroz Salaf has been given the Holding of Jabruan Province on Eshtah II. Lord Governor Salaf, an ethnic Nefantar, will be the first native Ammatar Holder in the history of the Empire, despite a long history of high-ranking Ammatar acting as a caste of "petty nobility" within the Ammatar Mandate. [...]

                                  House Khanid Inclusion Announced as Imperial Succession Committee Lays Out Rules

                                    Amarr Prime - The Imperial Succession Committee today announced the inclusion of House Khanid in the Championship Trials, in a development that will be shocking to some but perhaps not too surprising to keen observers of Amarr politics. While not intended as the focus of the announcement by the Succession Committee, the revelation that King Khanid II is now formally considered a Royal Heir with all the rights that entails has been seized upon as the most dramatic aspect of the released rules of [...]

                                    House Tash-Murkon Dominates In Imperial Succession Trials – Finals Set Against House Kor-Azor

                                      DAM-TORSAD - Watched by trillions of viewers across the cluster, the second stage of the Imperial Succession Trials concluded today, eliminating four of the Royal Heirs to the Imperial Throne from competition, and setting the stage for a grand finale in early YC118. While the Imperial Succession Committee remains tight lipped regarding the exact format for the finals of the Succession Trials, it is now known that Lord Darklight, champion for House Tash-Murkon, will face off against Lord Lysus, [...]

                                      Hyasyoda and Kaalakiota Enter Echelon Acquisition Talks?

                                        New Caldari Prime - Hyasyoda has entered preliminary negotiations with Kaalakiota for acquisition of Echelon Entertainment, according to a story broken by The Kimotoro Report this morning. Anonymous sources claim that senior Hyasyoda and Kaalakiota executives held a meeting alongside the CEP 's State Industrial Planning Summit held during the Caldari State Workers Union Day weekend. Due to a liquidity crisis in YC115, Kaalakiota chose to sell significant Echelon Entertainment assets. In that sale, [...]

                                        IGC's Alliance Tournament XV GalNet Casting Picked up by Empire Majors as Field Narrows

                                          YULAI - As the capsuleer Alliance Tournament XV enters its second phase of matches, CONCORD's Independent Gaming Commission will benefit from its coverage being picked up and cast by major GalNet content providers across the empires. With capsuleer combat tournaments long a favorite with planet-bound and space-colony populations alike, the well-regarded coverage provided during the first phase, in a collaboration between the IGC and capsuleer casters, has thrilled and excited audiences across New [...]

                                          Inauguration of Gallente President Celes Aguard Held Under Heavy Security

                                            Caille, Gallente Prime - President Celes Aguard has formally assumed leadership of the Gallente Federation following her inauguration today in Caille, the traditional capital of the Federation Union of Gallente Prime. Under heavy security, outgoing President Jacus Roden administered the oath of office to President Aguard on the Dais of the Four Freedoms in Liberty Square, Central Caille. Despite the unusually high security measures, a consequence of the February Election Attacks, large crowds thronged [...]

                                            Inner Circle and SOE Agree Protocol for Transfer of Project Discovery to Concord Oversight

                                              YULAI - A protocol for transferring the Project Discovery citizen science network to CONCORD oversight has been agreed, according to a joint statement issued by the CONCORD Inner Circle and the Sisters of EVE today. The Project Discovery research program was launched in March YC118, aiming at a comprehensive categorization and analysis of tissue samples acquired from the Drifters since their emergence in early YC117. Guided to great acclaim by Professor Emma Lundberg, Chief Scientist for the SOE [...]

                                              InterBus Reincorporates Under New Company EverMore

                                                InterBus Reincorporates Under New Company EverMore Ourapheh, Genesis – InterBus has announced today that it will be reincorporating under a new parent company, EverMore. Just days after the death of InterBus's former CEO Haukkakka Pukara, newly appointed CEO Alexander Ducasse has announced an extensive restructuring of the corporation. InterBus was founded by the Amarr Empire, Caldari State, Gallente Federation, and Minmatar Republic to ensure open transportation of goods and people throughout the [...]

                                                Ishukone CEO Derided At CEP Session After Offering Assistance To Both Federation And State

                                                  NEW CALDARI - Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola was the target of scathing attacks from Lai Dai this afternoon, in a Chief Executive Panel session called to discuss progress on the resolution of the Kyonoke crisis on Oijanen II. Reppola was targeted after stating that Ishukone would "continue to render any assistance necessary to both the Federation and State, in order to foster an environment of cross-border collaboration during a time of extreme crisis in both nations" with Lai Dai Chief Executive Alakoni [...]