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Celes Aguard Wins Gallente Presidency at Third Try in Narrow Victory Over Shaileen Ramnev

    Luminaire, Essence - The third time of trying brought good fortune at last for Governor Celes Aguard, as final totalizations in the Gallente Presidential Election narrowly gave the win to her after a hard-fought campaign in which Shaileen Ramnev's strong showing put the result in doubt until all results were in. Governor Aguard's victory will make her the first female President of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime with Jin-Mei heritage. Former Arcurio Mayor Shaileen Ramnev has conceded and [...]

    Cleanup Begins In Aftermath Of Safizon Attack

      SAFIZON - The Amarr Navy suffered heavy losses today after a fleet of over 100 Drifter vessels arrived at their headquarters and main shipyards before engaging in a direct assault on patrolling Navy vessels. Arriving in several waves at both the headquarters of the Amarr Navy and all five of the stargates leading out of the system, a number of groups of Drifter battleships, which have become colloquially known as "silverfish" by many capsuleers, appeared to be formed up in a well organized system of [...]

      Cleanup Begins In Efu After Successful Treatment And Relocation of Kyonoke Survivors

        EFU - In the last hour Genolution has confirmed that the Kyonoke exposed decks on board their biotech production facility in Aridia have been vented to space, after the successful treatment, screening and relocation of more than 359,000 survivors of the outbreak that struck two of the facility's largest labs and its main medical center in mid February. Working in conjunction with Poteque Pharmaceuticals, Genolution was able to stabilize and treat almost half of those trapped in the quarantine zone [...]

        Concerns at Serpentis Military Buildup Passed to DED, say Federal Intelligence Sources

          VILLORE - The Federal Intelligence Office has communicated its "deep concerns" at the nature and extent of a reported recent military buildup of Serpentis forces to CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department, according to sources within the FIO. A dossier containing detailed analysis of the information available to the FIO is understood to have been passed to the DED. Its contents are reported to confirm rumors of a massive buildup of Serpentis naval forces, including the construction and deployment [...]

          Coronation of Empress Catiz I to take place tomorrow in Dam-Torsad

            DAM-TORSAD - Final preparations are underway for the coronation of Empress Catiz I, as a countless number of well-wishers and onlookers flock to the Imperial City in order to observe the historic crowning of the former heir of the Tash-Murkon Family. Set to occur at 14:00 NEST tomorrow in the Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet, the ceremony which is expected to be the most lavish coronation in memory has attracted heads of state, political figures and senior military personnel from across the [...]

            Court Chamberlain Confirms Succession Trials; Privy and Theology Councils to Meet

              Amarr Prime - With the Amarr Empire still reeling from the shock of the Drifter sneak attack that killed Empress Jamyl I, imperial authorities are moving rapidly to ensure an orderly succession process, overseen by Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi. Under the protocols of the Amarr Empire, the Court Chamberlain is tasked with maintaining continuity of the imperial government while providing for succession to the throne by one of the Royal Heirs. Speaking from the Imperial Palace in the holy city of Dam- [...]

              Cursed Exiles Hijack Broadcast, Beg Forgiveness

                Lirsautton VI _ - _A tribe of exiles living on Lirsautton VI broke into a structure in a capsuleer colony and tapped into an FTL relay there in order to broadcast a plea for both forgiveness and help, today. The broadcast lasted approximately five minutes before colony security detained the tribe and escorted them off the premises. Lirsautton VI, in spite of its benign climate and idyllic landscapes, has not been colonized since its terraforming was completed. After a ship crashed into the first [...]

                DED General Praises Capsuleer Efforts Against Serpentis Forces

                  YULAI - The Directive Enforcement Department have given their first official statement on capsuleer involvement in the eradication of Serpentis research and manufacturing sites during a press conference in Yulai today. The address to the interstellar press began as an update on the DED's assessment of the Serpentis Corporation's military capability, after the revelation that the pirate organization has been secretly working on its own breed of capital class vessels in recent months. During the [...]

                  DED Monitoring Stations Warn of Increased Rogue Drone Activity; Possible Rogue Swarm Feared

                    Yulai - CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department has issued a notice that its monitoring stations set to watch the so-called "Drone Regions" and the major drone-infested deadspace pockets are seeing increased rogue drone activity. The Directive Intelligence Agency is assessing the rogue drone threat as "serious and rising". This warning comes only days after the CONCORD Assembly had a session on cluster-wide security threats at which discussion of emergent threats such as Drifters and rogue drones [...]

                    DED and AEGIS Leadership Propose New Eden Defense Fund at Inner Circle War Council

                      Yulai, Genesis - CONCORD's military leadership submitted proposals for the establishment of a "New Eden Defense Fund" at this morning's meeting of the Inner Circle's War Council. The DED's Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall and AEGIS Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir jointly advocated the measure in response to mounting losses of personnel, materiel, and installations vital to the fight against the Triglavian invasion and other emergent threats to New Eden. According to the plan outlined by Marshals [...]

                      DED urges caution after rogue messages appear on hacked SCC billboards

                        YULAI - The Directive Enforcement Department has issued a statement urging caution among capsuleers after the appearance of unauthorized messaging on SCC billboards across the cluster. The messages, which began to appear at some time this morning, seem at this stage to be linked to the group of rogue pilots identifying themselves as "Valkyrie", and urge capsuleers to attack Guristas assets in the wake of allegations that the pirate organization is performing unregulated human experiments on captured [...]

                        Directive Enforcement Department Releases Details Of Guardian Angel Operations

                          YULAI - The Gallente Senate has confirmed the handover of intelligence relating to Serpentis Corporation and Guardian Angel operations to CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department today, in the wake of the largest narcotics raid in the history of Federation Customs. The intelligence, which includes the locations of thousands of smuggling and distribution sites across the cluster, was subsequently released to capsuleers by the DED this morning, exposing a "significant proportion" of the distribution [...]

                          Eifyr and Co. Summoned by Inner Circle

                            YULAI - A number of representatives from Eifyr and Co. have been seen arriving at Inner Circle headquarters this afternoon, including the corporation's Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Security, as well as a delegation of management and legal counsel. The Scope has learned from sources within the Directive Enforcement Department that the corporation is now under formal investigation in relation to the concealment of a broadcast now confirmed to be the final communication from [...]

                            Eight Teams to Fight Out IGC's Alliance Tournament XV Finals Weekend

                              YULAI - Alliance Tournament XV finals weekend will see eight capsuleer alliance teams fight it out for the coveted championship title and Serpentis-techology prize ships made available by CONCORD's Independent Gaming Commission. Ahead of the finals, fans across New Eden have been preparing and the gaming sector is anticipating a peak of betting activity this weekend. Casinos affiliated to the IGC have been attracting regular custom, including the Lucky Clash chain of space tourism casinos that have [...]

                              Election Special: Voting for New President Underway Across Gallente Federation in Delayed Weekend Poll

                                Luminaire, Essence - Trillions have been voting throughout the Gallente Federation, following the opening of Federal Presidential and Senate Election polls across all districts at 00:00 8th May New Eden time. Outgoing President Jacus Roden has ordered the highest level of civilian and military security at vital infrastructure across New Eden, vowing that there will be "no repeat of the February Election Attacks." While all eyes are on the race for the Presidency of the Federated Union of Gallente [...]

                                Empire Leaders Defuse Situation Due to Timing of Unstable Wormhole Link

                                  Pator, Heimatar - The Pator and Hilaban systems were briefly locked down by their respective empires' defense fleets yesterday, as an unstable wormhole created a link between the systems with diplomatically unfortunate timing. Both systems' fleets were already enforcing a high level of security due to the ongoing Rogue Swarm Alert coupled with the presence in space of each empire's leader. Empress Catiz I happened to be on a visit to Hilaban's extensive commercial station network, together with a [...]

                                  Empires Urge CONCORD Assembly Action on New Eden Defense Fund Proposals

                                    Yulai, Genesis - Debate in the CONCORD Assembly of a proposed "New Eden Defense Fund" in a weekend-long special session has been marked by strong support for action to bolster New Eden defenses against the Triglavian invasion and other threats. The New Eden Defense Fund proposals outline an extensive program of works to improve planetary and colony defenses, and enhance the defensive and offensive capabilities of vital installations. The CONCORD Inner Circle referred the defense fund proposals from [...]

                                    Empress Catiz I Revokes Heideran Decree and Announces Sweeping Territorial and Military Reorganization

                                      Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime - In the course of a wide-ranging "Address to the Faithful" on the occasion of the third anniversary of her coronation, Empress Catiz I has declared an end to the so-called "Heideran Decree" and ordered a rearrangement of the "territorial and military fiefs overseen by the Royal Houses of the Privy Council". The Heideran Decree was a ruling in YC105 by Emperor Heideran VII that limited military forces in space to the Imperial Navy. The effect of the Heideran Decree has varied [...]

                                      Escalating Tensions Over Athounon as Caldari and Gallente Forces Clash in Warzone

                                        Escalation in Athounon Athounon, Placid – Caldari and Gallente naval and militia forces have clashed in Athounon and nearby systems in Placid following extraordinary calls for action issued by military authorities of the two interstellar powers. Mobilization of navy forces, together with specific orders and rules of engagement, appear aimed at contesting control of the Athounon system as the highest priority for each empire in the Caldari-Gallente militia warzone. Above: Orders to State Protectorate [...]

                                        EverMore Announces Paragon Launch with New Stations and an AI Representative

                                          Ourapheh, Genesis – Alexander Ducasse has unveiled EverMore's latest venture, Paragon, a new corporation specializing in capsuleer relations. Paragon's launch will be accompanied by the construction of eleven new stations across New Eden. The new venture will offer exclusive services to capsuleers in exchange for items, rather than ISK. In return for the provided items, Paragon will be offering advanced nanoholographic projections for capsuleer vessels. The first set of items requested by Paragon are [...]

                                          Federal Elections Suspended After Presidential Candidates Attacked and Federal Networks Collapse

                                            BREAKING : Luminaire, Essence - The Gallente Federal Elections Commission has formally suspended the Presidential Election following multiple terrorist attacks on presidential candidates and federal communications networks. The suspension also applies to all other federal elections scheduled to be held over the 28th and 29th of February. While the Friday and Saturday elections would have been dominated by the Gallente Presidential Election, they also included the fifth of the Federal Senate seats up [...]

                                            Federal Intelligence Office Seizes Hardware From RP4 Facility As Investigation Intensifies

                                              POSTOUVIN - The Scope has learned that the Federal Intelligence Office has seized a wide range of equipment from the former Astral Mining RP4 facility as part of their ongoing investigation into February's outbreak of Kyonoke plague on board the now decommissioned mining and ore processing platform. Sources within Astral Mining have confirmed that hardware ranging from datacores used for the storage of security holo-footage to fluid routers, maintenance records and emergency broadcasting equipment [...]

                                              Federal Senate Hears Testimony on New Cloning Tech from Intelligence Director Blaque

                                                Villore - Director Mentas Blaque of the FIO testified before the Gallente Federation Senate's Security and Intelligence Committee on the subject of the new "Alpha" cloning technology, this morning. Director Blaque serves as the head of the Federal Intelligence Office, as well as personally overseeing the controversial Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security - more commonly known as the "Black Eagles". Director Blaque testified that, "The new cloning technology we have [...]

                                                Federation Brands Situation On Oijanen II A Humanitarian Crisis After Release Of Shock Footage

                                                  VILLORE - Comments made by several Senators from Essence and Placid sparked controversy this morning, after the situation in Oijanen was branded a "humanitarian crisis" in a progress report meeting on the ongoing RP4 Kyonoke outbreak in Postouvin. Representatives from the Supreme Court and the Senate's newly formed Kyonoke Oversight Committee were briefed on the ongoing efforts of Poteque Pharmaceuticals, Duvolle Laboratories and Genolution, who remain in constant communication with the quarantined [...]