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Jove Corporations Transferred to SoCT as Inner Circle Indicates Major Announcement in Coming Days

    YULAI - Listings at the Secure Commerce Commission were updated this week to indicate the transfer of three Jovian Directorate registered corporations to the Society of Conscious Thought. The Genolution, Impro and X-Sense corporations, operating largely in the core empires of New Eden for many decades, have all been transferred to the SoCT with apparent effect from YC118.03.09. Collectively, the Genolution, Impro and X-Sense corporations have long been major players in the cloning, implants, neural [...]

    Jovian Directorate Withdraws from Concord Inner Circle and Designates SoCT as Successor

      BREAKING NEWS - YULAI - In a stunning development, CONCORD Inner Circle President Seri Okonaya has just announced the formal withdrawal of the Jovian Directorate from the CONCORD Inner Circle, with the Society of Conscious Thought designated as the full successor state of the Jove Empire for the purposes of the CONCORD Assembly and Inner Circle. Speaking to the role of the SoCT in CONCORD, President Okonaya said: "The Society of Conscious Thought has been in regular contact with representatives of the [...]

      Kaalakiota Backs Sukuuvestaa Over Lai Dai in "Ghost Ship" Tussle

        Saisio, The Forge - This afternoon, a seemingly undamaged Raven-class battleship bearing the Lai Dai logo emerged from a wormhole in Saisio near the Sukuuvestaa Corporation station in orbit of Moon 20, Saisio VIII. According to sources aboard the Sukuuvestaa HQ, station security personally led by Kauliken Uusazoken took the derelict ship into custody and towed it to the station after it failed to respond to repeated communication attempts. Reports indicate that the ship appeared to be adrift without [...]

        Kahah Uprisings: "Massacres a Humanitarian Crisis" say Republic and Federation Protestors

          Kahah, Khanid Kingdom - After an apparent Blood Raider attack using the "Deathglow" chemical triggered widespread slave uprisings in the Kahah system, and fears that Queen Zidarez Khanid had been killed, brutal "pacification" efforts by Khanid forces are sparking protests across New Eden. The situation in the system is widely viewed as a humanitarian crisis. As a major food production center, with some of the largest slaveholdings in the Kingdom, Kahah presents a unique challenge to Khanid troops, and [...]

          Kyonoke Inquest Concludes As Additional Decontamination Equipment Arrives

            POSTOUVIN - A sizeable convoy of vessels registered to Poteque Pharmaceuticals arrived at the Kyonoke Inquest Center this morning after the Inquest itself concluded yesterday. More than a hundred Obelisk class freighters rumoured to be carrying decontamination equipment, medical supplies, provisions and additional remote operated exploration equipment have docked with the Keepstar class structure over the course of the morning, with the mammoth task of unloading tens of millions of tons of equipment [...]

            Leading Imperial weapons manufacturer confirms research on Antikythera Element

              PENIRGMAN - In a brief statement issued today, Imperial Armaments have confirmed that a specialist team has been assigned to research hardware salvaged from destroyed Drifter battleships and assess the viability of reverse engineering any discovered technology for potential application in future projects. News of the research has been met with varying responses from across the cluster, with a spokeswoman for the Lai Dai Corporation offering assistance through their Imperial partners at Carthum [...]

              Leaked Reports Reveal SOE Presence in Wormhole Systems Researching Drifter Technology

                ORVOLLE - Information passed to the Scope by an anonymous source has revealed that an ongoing Sisters of EVE presence in key Drifter-occupied wormhole systems is aimed at researching Drifter technology and behavior. The material, in the form of reports made by research teams to the SOE's Sanctuary research organization, discusses Drifter technology in various fields at length and often contains notes expressing concern, urgency and even alarm as to the nature and scope of the evidence gathered. While [...]

                Major Chemical Weapons Attacks in Khanid Kingdom; Queen Zidarez Missing; Slave Revolts Reported

                  Kahah III, Khanid Kingdom - A series of major chemical weapons attacks has been carried out in the Khanid Kingdom system of Kahah. The strikes appear to have been timed to coincide with a tour of inspection of facilities on Kahah III by Queen Zidarez Khanid, consort of King Khanid III and Grand Admiral of the Royal Khanid Navy. Queen Zidarez is said to be missing amidst reports of widespread slave revolts in the system. While Khanid forces are attempting to impose planetary quarantines, reports [...]

                  Massive Stargate Disruptions Across New Eden as Authorities Struggle with Spacetime Instability

                    Yulai, Genesis - Massive stargates disruptions across New Eden have been attributed by CONCORD and local authorities to their efforts to halt the collapse of the entire stargate network due to "extreme spacetime instabilities" afflicting star systems across the cluster. The shutdowns of regional gate networks reached deep into the core of New Eden's high-security space, with the Forge region experiencing a total shutdown and reboot late in the evening. Spacetime instabilities affecting stargates [...]

                    Mercenary Corporations Withdraw from Chandeille as Jin-Mei Civil Conflict Enters Ceasefire Following Capsuleer Aid Efforts

                      Chandeille (Lirsautton V) - The decades long civil conflict on the Jin-Mei homeworld of Chandeille, the fifth planet of the Lirsautton system, has entered an uneasy peace following a ceasefire declaration by Sang Do overlord houses in the resource rich equatorial zones of the planet. Gallente Federation negotiators are believed to have benefitted in their long task of brokering a ceasefire from the recent involvement of capsuleers from the "Villore Assembly" calling for peace and providing [...]

                      Military Alerts Across All Empire Warzones as Naval Activity Intensifies

                        Above: communique from Minmatar Republic Fleet Hetman General Kanth Filmir CONCORD Conflict Monitors Sound Alarm as "Big 4" Empires Issue Series of Alerts Yulai, Genesis – A series of military alerts issued yesterday by military authorities within each of the "Big 4" empires has led to CONCORD conflict monitors to raise the war threat levels for the core territories of New Eden to their highest since the Equilbrium of Mankind Crisis of mid YC123. The interstellar security and diplomacy organization [...]

                        Ministry of Internal Order Increases Patrols along Border, and in Stations and Major Cities

                          Penirgman, Domain - The Ministry of Internal Order has ordered its customs and border control forces to increase patrols in border systems. At the same time, reports from major cities in the Amarr Empire indicate that the MIO has increased its presence on the streets. When approached by the Scope, the MIO spokesman said, "With the dramatic increase in terrorist threats and other border security concerns in the past weeks, and with the Imperial Jubilee celebrations to come, the Ministry of Internal [...]

                          Minmatar Militia Makes Gains in Warzone as Sarum Assault on Floseswin IV Continues

                            Floseswin, Metropolis - While the House Sarum campaign to "Reclaim" the planet of Floseswin IV continues, as Amarr control of the system is maintained, the fighting in other systems of the Metropolis region miltia warzone has resulted in a number of gains for the Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force. CONCORD's CDIA Conflict Monitoring Section has previously indicated to the Scope that Amarr control of a number of systems in Metropolis was "facilitating" the House Sarum "Reclaiming Operations" in [...]

                            Minmatar Republic Celebrates Liberation Day YC123

                              Matar, Pator – Vast numbers of Minmatar across the Republic are celebrating the 143rd anniversary of the start of the Great Rebellion in BYC20. The festivities are being accompanied by nearly two weeks of celebratory Liberation Games, in which the seven tribes' capsuleers will compete for the honor of determining which tribe will control a new station in orbit of Matar for the first year of operations. The Tribal Council has determined that the new station to mark Minmatar liberation will have its [...]

                              Minmatar Republic Launches Surprise Offensive During Break in Southern Floseswin IV Rains

                                Floseswin, Metropolis - Minmatar forces on Floseswin IV have launched a major offensive aimed at removing the Amarr occupation of the large majority of the southern continental landmass. CONCORD conflict monitors are reporting Republic military formations advancing on multiple fronts towards population centers on the southern landmass. Sources within Amarr-held cities are additionally reporting widespread incidences of sabotage, public disorder and guerilla warfare. Initial reports indicate that the [...]

                                Minmatar Tribal Council Calls for Candidates to Apply to Republic Fleet Capsuleer Recruitment Program

                                  Great Caravanserai, Matar - The Minmatar Tribal Council issued a call today for candidates from all seven tribes of the Minmatar to apply to a new capsuleer recruitment program of the Republic Fleet. It is believed the program will use the recently revealed new cloning technology, which Minmatar sources say considerably widens the pool of viable candidates for capsule adaptation. The Tribal Council has recently been meeting more frequently and regularly than usual in closed session to "discuss matters [...]

                                  Mordu's Legion Command Announces Departure from Caldari Prime

                                    Caldari Prime, Luminaire - Mordu's Legion Command leadership on Caldari Prime announced today that they plan to withdraw forces from the Caldari homeworld over the next 12 months. The news sparked concerns as to the future of the security situation on the disputed planet in the Caldari State and Gallente Federation. The process of renegotiating the Caldari Prime planetary security contract has been notably marked by Brigadier General Majima Akuras of Mordu's Legion expressing doubt that the contract's [...]

                                    Mysterious Enclave Warzones Revealed by Agency Jobs on Behalf of "The Quartermaster" as Capsuleer Investigators Assess Threat

                                      YULAI - Widely distributed networks of enclaves believed by CONCORD to be associated with the Drifters and allied Sleeper drones have been revealed by a new job request promoted by "The Agency". Listed as a task requested by an individual known only as "The Quartermaster", the Agency job calls for capsuleers to enter "warzones" that appear to have been the scene of fighting between Drifters and parties unknown. The Scope's sources at the CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency have indicated that the [...]

                                      New Capsuleer Cloning Technology Developments Already in Use by CONCORD Powers; SOE "Bypassed CONCORD Treaties"

                                        YULAI - New capsuleer cloning technology has been revealed to be in use by the four empires comprising the main CONCORD powers, according to a communique issued today at the conclusion of a special session of the CONCORD Assembly. Delegates from each empire confirmed that the new cloning technology is being used by their militaries to expand the pool of viable candidates for naval capsuleer recruitment. It has also been revealed that the Sisters of EVE supplied the specifications for the new [...]

                                        New Gallente Elections Date Set as Souro Foiritan Tapped to Head Investigative Commission

                                          Luminaire, Essence - The Gallente Federal Elections Commission has set the date of the new Presidential and Senate elections for the weekend starting 8th May this year. Results will be declared the following Monday and President Jacus Roden has declared his intention to transfer power at a presidential inauguration on 15th May. While holding the re-scheduled election of a new Federation President and the fifth of the Senate up for election this year has been a priority for the Roden administration, [...]

                                          New Intaki Stargate Opens as Federation and State Consolidate Positions Around Warzone

                                            Above: Gallente Federation Stargate from Intaki to Amygnon New Stargate from Intaki to Amygnon Opens Alongside Federation Navy Station Intaki, Placid – The Gallente Federation has completed construction of a new stargate in the Intaki system that connects the territory newly-liberated from militia warfare with the high-security Amygnon system deep in the Gallente region of Verge Vendor. The Federation Navy has also completed and opened a new station in orbit of Intaki Prime. To accompany these [...]

                                            Numerous Staff Quarantined Aboard Orbital Elevator In Muttokon

                                              MUTTOKON - Reports have reached the Scope confirming news that a number of employees of Freedom Extension have been placed in quarantine on board the orbital platform of a space elevator that services Muttokon II. The platform, which is owned by Freedom Extension, is currently utilized to deliver construction supplies to the planet for both Urban Management and Six Kin Development, who are working in partnership to redevelop commercial districts in several cities on the planet. While it is not yet [...]

                                              ORE Membership of Upwell Consortium Confirmed by Yani Sar Arteu in Aftermath of Station Seizures

                                                4C-B7X, Outer Ring - Following the stunning actions of Mordu's Legion and Arkombine mercenary forces in Outer Ring, as reported by the Scope, the situation with the Outer Ring Excavations corporation has been clarified by Upwell Consortium Chairman, and founder of ORE, Yani Sar Arteu. The announcement, in the wake of the ORE station assaults and seizures, that the mining and technology conglomerate would be joining Upwell was confirmed by Chairman Arteu today, as the Secure Commerce Commission [...]

                                                Orvanne Constellation Sees Busiest Traffic Control Day Since Records Began

                                                  POSTOUVIN - Scope News has learned that traffic control in the Federal Constellation of Orvanne has seen its busiest day since records began, after independent capsuleers and scientists began to arrive this morning for the start of the YC119 Kyonoke Inquest tomorrow. The Upwell Consortium has confirmed that the Keepstar class citadel that forms the main bulk of the Kyonoke Inquest Center is now officially the most populated structure in New Eden, housing a colossal two hundred and sixty five million [...]