Formation of EDENCOM Announced Following Triglavian Attacks Amidst Capsuleer Day Celebrations

New Eden News | YC122-05-07 - By Lina Ambre

Yulai, Genesis - Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir of CONCORD's AEGIS division formally announced the formation of the New Eden Common Defense Initiative (EDENCOM) in a press conference at DED headquarters in Yulai, today. The presser follows a wave of attacks by Triglavian Collective forces against EDENCOM production facilities involved in distributing materiel to capsuleers in conjunction with the Society of Conscious Thought's celebration of Capsuleer Day YC122.

Capsuleers have been urged by CONCORD to repel the Triglavian assault forces, and retrieve any technology and materiel taken from the previously hidden EDENCOM facilities. Marshal Valkanir expressed disappointment that "our counter-intelligence efforts have so far not prevailed against Triglavian subversion" but railed against "those who would support the Triglavians and their invasion of New Eden."

"While preparations for a change in defensive strategy have been advanced for some time, it is clear to the CONCORD Inner Circle and core empires that now is the time to formalize a dedicated common defense pact across the cluster. The New Eden Common Defense Initiative is that pact and my own AEGIS division will operate as the central co-ordinating organization within EDENCOM. The focus of EDENCOM will be on accelerating the fortification of New Eden's star systems, supporting the member states of CONCORD in their defense efforts, and working as closely as possible with capsuleers loyal to the cause of our common civilization."

Present at the briefing alongside Marshal Valkanir were Inner Circle President Seri Okonaya and DED Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall. While EDENCOM will take the lead in the new strategy of defense in depth and accelerated fortification, Marshal Elladall's DED forces will continue to engage in counter-Triglavian operations together with their many other duties in New Eden.

However, it is understood that the Inner Circle's empire delegates had insisted on the establishment of a dedicated command organization more closely aligned with the interests of the core empires. The Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation had taken a particular lead in promoting this change as their expansive territories have borne the brunt of Triglavian invasion efforts. President Jacus Roden and Empress Catiz I have personally co-ordinated on this matter, with their respective allies and satellite states falling in line with the new plan.

In Related News

DED and AEGIS forces have confirmed that Triglavian forces continue to carry out extensive experimental operations on planetary surfaces across New Eden. Over the past month, systems across New Eden have seen populations seized and transferred to various environments. Triglavian experimental environments in Fliet, Dakba, Notoras, Oppold and Palmon have been assaulted and populations recovered by AEGIS forces, in some cases allegedly working with Arkombine mercenaries in the pay of the Upwell Consortium.

Even today, Triglavian scout forces have been sighted in Geztic, Gultratren, Nani, and Passari following a pattern indicative of support for Triglavian surface operations. Reports of collaboration and subversive support for the Triglavian Collective are also on the rise across New Eden, with analysts speculating that Triglavian memetic propaganda is responsible for a number of recent incidents.

In Other News

  • Gallente Federation Prepares for Presidential Election Weekend with Highest Security at Vital Infrastructure

  • Federation Navy Forces Mobilized to Peacetime Security Alert as Presidential Campaigns Enter Final Days

  • Governor Celes Aguard Considered a Strong Contender Since Last Month 's Support by Former Candidate Wayaki Kayara

  • "Kelen Ontbad's Campaign Focusing on Improving Influence in Senate as Polling Reality Sinks In" - Luminaire Star Herald

  • Senator Suvio Bellaron Reportedly Doing Well Across Placid, in Vieres Constellation and Luminaire as Anti-Capital Punishment Message Appeals

  • Mentas Blaque 's Aggressive Campaign Targeting Shaileen Ramnev "Effective Against Reconciliation Message but Could Backfire" - Villore Guardian

  • Souro Foiritan 's Federal Investigative Commission "Not Ruling Out" Theory Triglavian Subversion Operations Behind February Attacks

  • Inner Circle's Militia War Powers Subcommittee Reconvenes to Consider Further Revisions to Law on Status of Orbital Bodies

  • Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh and Ambassador Keitan Yun in Bilateral Negotiations Over Floseswin Conflict

  • Minmatar Republic Control of Floseswin Solidifies as Lasting TLF Superiority Enables Republic Fleet Actions Against Sarum Logistics Bases

  • CONCORD Monitors Report Sporadic Fighting in Southern Continent of Floseswin IV as Republic Command Encirclement Tightens

  • Five Major Cities and Various Towns on Floseswin IV Remain Under Amarr Control in Three Fortified Pockets Along the Southern Coastline

  • Khanid Warlord Alar Chakaid Broadcasts Threat to "Unleash a Sea of Fire and Blood" if City of Jolan Kraal is Attacked by Republic

  • Caldari State Megacorporations Convene in Second CEP Summit to Consider "Reconsolidation of Corporate Interests Within State"

  • CBT Gazette Notes "Legal Hiatus in Case of LDSS Airkio 's Promise"; Reports of "Strange Developments" in Lai Dai-Sukuuvestaa Dispute