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Outer Ring Excavations to Issue First Quarter Profits Update

    4C-B7X, Outer Ring - Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) has issued a profits update to its investors, expecting unprecedented profits before the end of the first quarter of YC120. After having already gone through a long streak of rising profits for the corporation since joining the Upwell Consortium, ORE officials have stated that this first quarter's profits will exceed even their own optimistic models, and will likely follow through to the second quarter. When questioned, ORE representatives indicated [...]

    Preparations begin for Presidential Inauguration

      VILLORE - Vessels belonging to the Federation Navy and the Black Eagles have been seen arriving at the headquarters of the Gallente Senate this morning, amidst a flurry of activity in preparation for the Inauguration of President Jacus Roden on Thursday. The Scope has learned that security efforts aboard the station have been heightened due to recent events, with extra cordons in place and the denial of access by press to the Senate chamber until Thursday, while preparation for the ceremony is [...]

      President Roden Speaks as Federation Communications Stabilize Following Terror Attacks

        Luminaire, Essence - In the aftermath of last night's terror attacks and suspension of Federal elections, President Jacus Roden has addressed the Gallente Federation, vowing to secure democracy and bring to justice the perpetrators. President Roden made his address as Federal communications networks stabilized, although some planetary networks continue to operate under heavy limitations. President Roden's address outlined the events, his administration's immediate reponse, and what future efforts will [...]

        Project Discovery Exoplanets to Launch for Stars Under CONCORD Oversight

          YULAI - Project Discovery, New Eden's capsuleer citizen science organization, is to launch its new exoplanets hunting program tomorrow, on the same day that its transfer to CONCORD oversight is officially completed. Operating under the guidance of CONCORD's Chief of Deep Space Research, Professor Michel Mayor, the new exoplanets hunting program is to offer its highest achievers access to CONCORD Aerospace's latest Pacifier frigate and Enforcer cruiser designs as a highly-attractive incentive for [...]

          Propel Confirms Theft Of New Hull Camouflage System

            TAMO - Propel Dynamics has released a statement moments ago to confirm the theft of a new prototype hull-camouflaging system after a late night raid on their corporate factory in Tamo. Ienashi Hurtoken, CEO of Propel Dynamics, has confirmed that in the raid, which occurred last night and saw only minor injuries sustained by a number of personnel, "a number of key laboratories were raided by an unknown force with the clear intention of both corporate espionage, and the theft of a prototype super kerr [...]

            Protests Erupt After Harrowing Footage Leaks From Inside Myrskaa Nanodome

              NEW CALDARI - State Peacekeepers have been forced to draft in additional troops, after protests erupted on New Caldari Prime, Nonni I, Malkalen V and the Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant, as well as in several other locations across the State earlier today. The unrest across several of the most populated systems in the State comes after the release of unauthorized footage from within the Myrskaa quarantine zone, which appears to show conditions of extreme squalor, indicating a breakdown [...]

              Quafe Company Receives Substantial Pre-Tribunal Settlement From State Armed Forces For Loss Of Convoy

                MAURASI - The Caldari Business Tribunal has confirmed the rescindment of charges against Caldari Customs by the Quafe company this afternoon, after a pre-tribunal settlement was reached between the two organizations that will prevent further legal action against the State Armed Forces. Speaking to the interstellar press, Justice Kai Etashanko, the administrator for the high-profile case that has gripped both the State and Federation since March confirmed that "The Quafe Company has cancelled all [...]

                Queen Zidarez Claims Kahah Pacification Successful, Criticizes "Foreign Exaggeration" of Casualties

                  Khanid Prime - Queen Zidarez Khanid claimed the successful pacification of Kahah in an interview with Dark Amarr News today, her first public appearance since the Deathglow bombings and slave rebellion in that system. Queen Zidarez, seemingly quite recovered from her injuries, also spoke of her experiences on Kahah III when the chemical attacks began. When questioned on the crisis, Queen Zidarez said that Khanid forces had "eliminated all remaining rebel strongholds" and claimed that they were "no [...]

                  Republic Security Services Confirm Kyonoke; Muttokon Platform Towed Into High Orbit

                    MUTTOKON - A press conference held by the Republic Security Services this afternoon has confirmed speculation that the Kyonoke Plague is responsible for the lockdown of a Freedom Extension space elevator in the system of Muttokon. This new revelation, which was made by Field Administrator Abja Etbald of the RSS, accompanied an announcement that the detached orbital platform of the space elevator has been towed to a concealed location in high orbit by Republic Fleet vessels, in order to further [...]

                    Republic Stands Still As Trillions Prepare For Liberation Day Celebrations

                      PATOR - The Minmatar Republic stood still at noon today to mark the 139th anniversary of the successful Matari Rebellion against the Amarr Empire, which paved the way for the formation of the Republic more than a century ago. Seven minutes of silence - one to remember the lives lost from each of the seven Matari tribes - were observed starting at noon, in advance of celebrations that will begin across thousands of worlds in the Republic over the course of the next few hours. A national holiday in the [...]

                      Republic and Federation Condemn "Kahah Massacres"; Threaten Sanctions or Worse

                        Yulai - Tensions escalated between the CONCORD powers yesterday after Republic and Federation delegates threatened the Amarr Empire with sanctions or worse over the crisis in the Kahah system during a special session of the Inner Circle. Special Representative Keitan Yun and Ambassador Devan Malate, the Republic and Federation delegates to the CONCORD Inner Circle, issued a joint statement condemning the Khanid Kingdom over its handling of the uprisings, and called for a cessation to hostilities in [...]

                        Republic and Federation Impose Sanctions on Amarr Empire for "Insufficient Response to Kahah Massacres"

                          Great Caravanserai, Matar - The Minmatar Republic and Gallente Federation governments have approved trade sanctions against the Amarr Empire, as a response to the Empire's handling of the recent violence in the Kahah system. The Republic resolution, reportedly drafted two weeks ago, was announced by the Tribal Council to coincide with President Jacus Roden's signing of complementary Federation sanctions measures this morning. "The Empire has long brutalized and massacred the oppressed under the rubric [...]

                          Riots in Caille as Controversial “United Response Act” Passed

                            Riots in Caille as Controversial “United Response Act” Passed Luminaire, Essence – Riots broke out in Caille today, as protests against controversial new government legislation were held across the Federation. An estimated ten million protestors crowded into Caille, many travelling from the Federation's outer districts to take part in demonstrations against the newly passed “United Response Act”. The United Response Act, passed into law by a narrow margin at today's full session of the Federal Senate, [...]

                            Rogue Swarm Alert Continues as Empires Complete Rollout of Arms and Materiel to Affected Areas

                              Yulai - CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department is maintaining a cluster-wide Rogue Swarm Alert due to the continuing presence of large numbers of rogue drone infestations throughout known space. Rogue drones under the direction of "Swarm Overmind" type drones are repeatedly emerging from deadspace and establishing nests despite the best efforts of capsuleers outfitted with enhanced Alpha Clone capabilities and emergency supplies of military equipment. It is believed that several million rogue [...]

                              Rogue Swarm Alert Declared by CONCORD as Hostile Drones Invade

                                YULAI - CONCORD has declared a cluster-wide "Rogue Swarm Alert", as reports continue to come in from across New Eden of multiple major infestations of rogue drones. CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department has emphasized the danger of allowing the outbreak locations designated "Rogue Swarm Nests" to spread unchecked, and has called on all combat capable pilots to assist in exterminating the infestation. The DED's Brigadier General Odo Korachi has provided additional tactical details: "The DED [...]

                                Rogue Swarm Alert Response Commended by CONCORD as Capsuleers Purge Nests

                                  YULAI - CONCORD has issued a status report on the ongoing "Rogue Swarm Alert" noting the destruction of over a million rogue swarm nests so far and commending the high response from capsuleers in the campaign to remove the widespread infestation from New Eden. In a press briefing at Directive Enforcement Department HQ, Brigadier General Odo Korachi highlighted the "heroic efforts" of many capsuleers, noting that a significant number of capsuleers had individually taken part in the destruction of [...]

                                  SCC Authorizes Trading in Transneural Skill Extraction and Injection Products

                                    YULAI -- Capsuleers are to be permitted to trade so-called "Skill Extractors" and "Skill Injectors" according to a market activity notification issued by the Secure Commerce Commission today. Trade in the transneural skill extraction and injection products - devices said to be capable of "reading out synaptic patterns and laying them down in new combinations with skillbook data" - is to be authorized and controlled from 9th February YC118, under the capsuleer support provisions of the Yulai [...]

                                    SCC Relaxes Regulations on Quantum Entangled Helium Trading

                                      YULAI - The Secure Commerce Commission has issued its final notice that trading in quantum-entangled 4-Helium (QE 4-He) will be relaxed when trading resumes later today. The Kimotoro Stock Exchange is preparing for a brisk trade in the newly-authorized QE 4-He chips centered on the capsuleer market in the Jita system. Sold under the prestigious PLEX standard for almost a decade, QE 4-He chips have undergone several waves of improvement and enhancement of the underlying containment technology. In [...]

                                      SCC Security Breach Leads to Financial Chaos and Epic Bank Heist by Guristas Pirate Raiders

                                        Yulai, Genesis – Secure Commerce Commission facilities across New Eden have been breached by the Guristas, leading to followup raids on SCC Encounter Surveillance System reserve banks by the infamous pirate group. Chaotic scenes are reported at SCC facilities with security wide open as secure data and even ISK accounts have been exposed to attack by hackers and criminal gangs. CONCORD's Inner Circle has demanded an investigation into these events just as an agreed reduction in funding for the New Eden [...]

                                        SOCT Sounds Warning Over Uncontrolled Spread of Advanced Technology in Pirate Hands

                                          Above: Criminal Profile of Angel Cartel Assault Leader Rafik Zohar SOCT Sounds Warning Over Uncontrolled Spread of Advanced Technology in Pirate Hands Yulai, Genesis – Elder Mentor Matshi Raish of the Society of Conscious Thought (SoCT) has warned of "grave and potentially catastrophic consequences" over the apparent uncontrolled spread of advanced technologies among networks of criminals and pirate groups across New Eden. In remarks to journalists ahead of a CONCORD Inner Circle meeting that will [...]

                                          SOE Confirms Research into Drifters and Discusses Preliminary Findings

                                            Thera - The Sisters of EVE confirmed an extensive research effort involving expeditions to the Drifter-occupied 'hive' systems at a conference with selected press today. Following the Scope's reporting of leaked details of SOE research activities in the hive systems in so-called 'W-space', SOE representatives invited the Scope and other news organizations to a holopresence conference netcasted from the Sanctuary Institute of Paleocybernetics in the Thera system. A Sanctuary representaive, Sister [...]

                                            SOE Launches "Project Discovery" Citizen Science Research Program

                                              X-7OMU - The Sisters of EVE have launched a citizen science research program codenamed "Project Discovery", aimed at achieving a comprehensive categorization and analysis of tissue samples acquired from the Drifters since their emergence in early YC117. Professor Lundberg, Chief Scientist for the SOE advanced research division, said: "It is of great importance for Project Discovery that as many capsuleers as possible take part. We believe that a proper understanding of the underlying biology of the [...]

                                              SOE Splinter Group Warns of Shift in Drifter Activity; Thukker Tribe Confirms Anomalous Behavior

                                                M-MD3B - Drifter activity is undergoing a shift in patterns seen in so-called "W-space", according to the Sisters of EVE splinter group calling itself "Pharos of Thera". Sources in the Thukker Tribe have confirmed that anomalous behavior has been observed in known centers of Drifter activity in W-space, the wormhole connected regions also known as "Anoikis". Former Sanctuary School scientist Taya Akira, the figurehead of the Pharos group, has told the Scope that her sources have "seen a subtle but [...]

                                                Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Addresses Minmatar Liberation Day Crowds

                                                  Matar, Pator - In an address to massed crowds at the Grand Caravanserai on Matar, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has issued a call to action on the 140th anniversary of the successful Great Rebellion against the Amarr Empire. Speaking to the crowds of celebrating Republic citizens on behalf of the Tribal Council, Sanmatar Shakor delivered the following remarks: " My Fellow Matari, Today we celebrate the freedom we have taken for ourselves. Today we are grateful for the brave men and women that put their [...]