IGC's Alliance Tournament XV GalNet Casting Picked up by Empire Majors as Field Narrows

New Eden News | YC119-08-11 - By Lina Ambre

YULAI - As the capsuleer Alliance Tournament XV enters its second phase of matches, CONCORD's Independent Gaming Commission will benefit from its coverage being picked up and cast by major GalNet content providers across the empires.

With capsuleer combat tournaments long a favorite with planet-bound and space-colony populations alike, the well-regarded coverage provided during the first phase, in a collaboration between the IGC and capsuleer casters, has thrilled and excited audiences across New Eden.

As the tournament now focuses on a final 24 line-up, broadcasting from secure IGC facilities, GalNet content providers such as the Scope, Echelon Entertainment, the Leisure Group and even Amarr Certified News will be carrying IGC coverage.

In those polities where gambling is legal there are reports of large sums being wagered, and the unregulated gaming sector of the space tourism industry reports even larger sums being placed in contention at black market casinos across New Eden.

With noted capsuleer warlords and fleet commanders providing expert commentary, the remaining 24 teams will contend for prizes including highly advanced ships based on recovered and repurposed Serpentis Corporation technology. Given the high status of the title and the value of the prizes the contest is expected to be as fierce as ever.