Federal Senate Hears Testimony on New Cloning Tech from Intelligence Director Blaque

New Eden News | YC118-11-04 - By Lina Ambre

Villore - Director Mentas Blaque of the FIO testified before the Gallente Federation Senate's Security and Intelligence Committee on the subject of the new "Alpha" cloning technology, this morning. Director Blaque serves as the head of the Federal Intelligence Office, as well as personally overseeing the controversial Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security - more commonly known as the "Black Eagles".

Director Blaque testified that, "The new cloning technology we have acquired has been rapidly developed into a viable pathway for our military and intelligence services' cloning programs. We consider it essential to maintain technological parity with our interstellar partners, competitors and adversaries. I believe that the Yulai Convention envisioned this as being necessary to the maintenance of a balance of peace in New Eden. It does not seem to me or, I believe I can say, to the Federal executive administration that fulfilling the spirit of the Yulai Accords and subsequent convention necessarily means complying with every detail of regulation or bureaucratic practice."

Pressed on the impact of the recent Blood Raider attacks, Director Blaque confirmed that the FIO, and Black Eagles in particular, "Will be conducting a multi-strand investigation into the Blood Raider Covenant covert strikes, subsequent open assaults and the involvement, if any, of Sani Sabik cults extant in the territory of the Gallente Federation. The military application of the new cloning technology is first and foremost to increase our viable recruitment pool for capsuleers combined with accelerating the adaptation of such recruits to the capsule. The Blood Raider attacks were an assault on the security of the Federation. Anyone who is found guilty of aiding and abetting those attacks will be treated accordingly."