Federation Under Election Eve Comms Network Attack as Terrorists Target Presidential Candidates

New Eden News | YC122-02-27 - By Lina Ambre

BREAKING: Luminaire, Essence - The Gallente Federation is under attack. At least three of the leading presidential candidates have been attacked in a series of co-ordinated terrorist strikes. The communications networks of the Federal Administration are heavily disrupted, and several major planets have been virtually blacked out from the FTL net by what appears to be a parallel sequence of network attacks ahead of the Presidential elections.

While many accounts are confused or unconfirmed, multiple sources have reported the following events:

President Jacus Roden is secure, has declared a Federal State of Emergency, and mobilized the entire active list and reserves of the Federation armed forces. The Federation Navy and Marines have been ordered to invasion defense positions.

Governor Celes Aguard's motorcade was attacked in a major bombing outside the New Riennes Stadium on Mies IV. Massive casualties are reported. The status of Governor Aguard is unknown at this time. Mies system comms networks are sporadically dropping in and out of service.

Several reports indicate that "multiple explosions" and/or "a gas attack" took place at the Intaki Assembly Chambers while Senator Suvio Bellaron was giving a presidential campaign speech. Intaki Prime's planetary communications networks are almost all offline and connections to the Intaki system and Federal FTL relays have collapsed. The status of Senator Bellaron and the members of the Intaki Assembly is unknown.

Mayor Shaileen Ramnev's flight into Arcurio reportedly downed by missile strike on final approach. The presidential candidate was enroute to eve of election rally in home city. The status of Mayor Ramnev is unknown and Caldari Prime has been hit by a near total communications blackout.

Mannar Seginde in Leremblompes system has suffered a similar communications blackout to those affecting Caldari Prime and Intaki Prime. While there has been no report of an attack on Councillor Wayaki Kayara, another contender for the presidency, he was last known to be present in the capital of the adopted Mannar homeworld.

Senator Kelen Ontbad is reported to be secure aboard the Parchanier V Egonics Inc. Development Studio, having been there to record an election eve "EgoCast" in support of his presidential campaign. Communications with the Egonics station are being routed through the relatively unaffected capsuleer channels and Senator Ontbad has apparently been moved to the capsuleer quarter by station security.

Chief Director of the Federal Intelligence Office Mentas Blaque has resumed his duties, having recused himself from active FIO service during his own presidential campaign, and was last reported to be in session with President Roden and the Federal Security Council. Scattered reports from Luminaire, Renyn and Villore are claiming that there were attacks on FIO offices in those systems. Chief Director Blaque's campaign schedule had him attending a rally in Hueromont on Gallente Prime later this evening.

The Federal Elections Commission has convened an emergency session at the instigation of President Roden and the Federal Military Commission. Widespread disruptions of the Federal Administration networks are ongoing and overstressed commercial networks are close to collapse. A significant number of heavily populated systems and planets are experiencing reduced bandwidth, erratic connections or outright blackouts. These network conditions evidently place the technical ability to run the Presidential and Senatorial Elections in jeopardy, even were it decided to continue following terror attacks on at least three leading presidential candidates.

So far, no party has credibly claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks on presidential candidates or the comms network attacks.


  • Governor Celes Aguard Reported Killed in Attack on New Riennes Stadium; Status of Governor Aguard 's Registered Backup Clone Unknown

  • Senator Suvio Bellaron Reported to be Hospitalized in Navyii Akat; Unconfirmed Report of Attack on Intaki Assembly Claims "Deathglow Chemical Weapon" Used

  • Status and Whereabouts of Shaileen Ramnev and Wayaki Kayara Still Unknown; Report that Ramnev Flight Made "Hard Landing" at Arcurio Central Airport

  • Inner Circle Calls for Emergency Full CONCORD Assembly Session; AEGIS Ordered to Reinforce Security of Fluid Router Relays and QE 4-He Stockpiles

  • SARO Detailed to Support Federation Security Response; DED Military Operations Against Triglavians Continuing with Reserves Called Up

  • Caldari State Chief Executive Panel Declares "Outrage" at Attacks on Federation; Offers Support and Suspends Customs Duties on Vital Supplies

  • Minmatar Republic Rushes Military Aid, Emergency Responders and Technical Assistance to Federation Under Treaty of Mutual Assistance

  • Empress Catiz I Convenes Privy Council Meeting and Orders All Imperial Military Circuits to Alert Status

  • House Sarum Orders All Forces to "Defense Only" Posture; Offers Unconditional Ceasefire to Minmatar Republic

  • House Ardishapur Countermands Ammatar Fleet "War Alert"; Return to Border Patrol Status Ordered

  • Federal FTL Comms Networks in Solitude Suffer Complete Collapse; Remote Region Cut Off from Core of Gallente Federation