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Inner Circle Call Short Notice Wormhole Summit

  • YC116-10-31

    YULAI - The Scope has learned that a special short notice summit has been called by Keraimo Hakanuro, Chief Investigating Officer of CONCORD's Inner Circle, in order to further discuss the report on changes in Sleeper activity in recent months. At this time, the intended outcome of the summit is still unknown, however a number of notable scientists in the field of Sleeper behavioral research and astrophysics from the Science and Trade Institute and Center for Advanced Studies have been seen arriving [...]

    SCC set to increase prices on sleeper components

    • YC116-10-29

      YULAI - In a press release issued just moments ago, the Secure Commerce Commission released details of a planned increase in authorized payments for Sleeper-related components. A number of types of recovered components from wreckage of Sleeper vessels have been reclassified as potentially hazardous or dangerous, after discussion during a meeting of representatives from the Directive Enforcement Department and CONCORD's Inner Circle earlier today. During the release, Rayla Netho, Chief Financial [...]

      Imperial Navy Declares Success In Research Race

      • YC116-10-28

        SAFIZON - In a statement released this morning, the Imperial Navy claimed that loyalist capsuleer assistance has allowed naval research and development staff to achieve the first in what is likely to be a series of breakthroughs involving Sleeper technology. Speaking during a press conference from Imperial Navy headquarters, Admiral Ren Karetta declared that "assistance from a number of sources within the capsuleer loyalist bloc has allowed us to make further advancements in downsizing Sleeper derived [...]

        Breaking News - Navies request capsuleer assistance

        • YC116-10-07

          ORVOLLE - The Scope has learned this morning that the navies of the Empire, Federation, State and Republic have begun to request specific components from sleeper vessels in order to determine the source of the recent spike in sleeper activity in recent weeks. Speaking from Federation Navy headquarters in Algogille, Admiral Auver Bauvon of Tripwire Intelligence and Command expanded on the rumors, saying "the Federation Navy believes that this change in Sleeper activity presents an enormous opportunity [...]

          Sisters of EVE release sleeper research findings

          • YC116-10-06

            X-7OMU - In a research report released this evening, the Servant Sisters of EVE noted an unusual increase in Sleeper activity in recent weeks, and a number of key changes in the behavioral profiles of various classes of sleeper vessel. Speaking from the headquarters of The Sanctuary in a press conference that accompanied the release of the paper, Sister Anza Sagera of the Aulari Chapter expanded on the report's findings, saying "while we remain unsure of the exact cause of the change in behavior, we [...]