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Ishukone Announces Investment In Malkalen Reconstruction

  • YC116-01-28

    MALKALEN - In a press conference called this morning, Mens Reppola, Chief Executive of Ishukone, formally announced plans for the reconstruction of the corporation's headquarters in orbit of Malkalen V - Moon 1. The station, which was partially destroyed by the impact of FNS Wandering Saint during a Caldari-Gallente economic summit on May 15 YC110, has remained the operational headquarters of Ishukone for the past six years despite being in a severe state of disrepair due to the corporation's [...]

    Secure Commerce Commission press conference concludes YC115 financial retrospective

    • YC116-01-23

      YULAI - The SCC closed the interstellar ledgers for the YC115 fiscal year this afternoon, bringing an official end to a time period whose steady but miniscule economic growth is increasingly falling behind the immense activity in the capsuleer-run industry. Within Imperial borders, the markets continue to remain relatively stable, with most corporations posting financial reports that fall within expected ranges. Heavy industry in the Empire has seen a small slump in profit, however, particularly in [...]

      Federal Intelligence Office responds to Guristas activity in Placid

      • YC116-01-13

        COVRYN - Colonel Thoun Gaterau, Lead Field Agent for the Black Eagles, held a press conference this afternoon in response to media queries, including a number from independent capsuleers, regarding Guristas presence in Placid last Friday. The questions center on kill reports that show the destruction of a group of Rattlesnake-class battleships at the hand of a capsuleer force, which included two dreadnoughts and a rare Mimir-class heavy assault ship. Colonel Gaterau explained that the Federal [...]

        Minmatar Tribal Assembly Closes After Ratifying New Political Order

        • YC116-01-01

          Pator - Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has declared a "new political order in the tribal republic", after the Minmatar Tribal Assembly ratified its decisions on the reorganization of the Minmatar Republic, just before closing its business today at the Grand Caravanserai on Matar. Principal among the declarations by the assembly is the formal assertion that the Tribal Council, which consists of the Sanmatar and the Chiefs of the Seven Tribes, is the collective head of state of the Minmatar Republic. The [...]