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Caldari Funds Unlimited to invest heavily in Kaalakiota

  • YC115-09-09

    Nonni - Caldari Funds Unlimited and Kaalakiota Corporation have issued a joint release announcing a massive investment into the megacorp from CFU. The investment will result in CFU taking a 20% stake in the megacorp, with the option for KK to buy back 2.5% of the stake each economic quarter. The investment package is expected to allow Kaalakiota to be much more aggressive in its business transactions. The influx of capital is significant, according to analysts, because it will allow Kaalakiota to [...]

    Results of Molden Heath conflicted

    • YC115-09-05

      _Orien - _The Thukker Tribe has issued a report on the effect the presence of cloned mercenary corporations in Molden Heath has had on the region. The report details both the successes and failures in the 3 months since the tribe invited mercenaries to settle in the region in an effort to deter piracy. The majority of the report focuses on the positives of the move, pointing out a drop in piracy against planetary targets, especially those with large mercenary populations. Additionally, the logistical [...]